Magnets That Spread Awareness About Puppy Mills

NEW ITEM! These awareness magnets are designed to educate. They are the size of a standard business card – so you can keep a few in your purse. The more you look, the more you’ll notice are there magnetic surfaces everywhere to leave a magnet. We would like to create a list of places the magnets could be displayed/distributed … please comment on this blog post with your ideas! (for example, we recently left a few on a traffic light post at a cross-walk and also on the metal housing of a city bus shelter)

Get a set of 10 “Pet Store Puppies = Puppy Mills” magnets for only $6 (free shipping in the US). You’ll find them here:

**As with many of the puppy mill awareness items offered by Harley’s Dream, these magnets are not intended as a fundraiser, our price covers our actual cost, it’s most important to spread the message!


  1. How about in pet stores that sell puppies? How about all over Lancaster, PA? Or any other city that is close to puppy mills?

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