Valentine Cards to Honor Fernando

Last year at this time Fernando asked for Valentine cards and many of you sent him one. He loved sitting with us as we read the cards to him. It was a special time in ‘Nando’s life and we’ll treasure those memories forever.

Recently, we’ve been asked if we will be accepting Valentine cards again this year in memory of our dear boy and yes, of course, we would love that very much!

Please send a Valentine card (and enclose $1 if you’re able) and send to:

Fernando Taylor
c/o Harley’s Dream
PO Box 64
Berthoud, CO 80513

All funds raised will go to Harley’s Dream to help bring an end to puppy mills.

Below is the collection of Fernando’s Valentine photos. We miss our goofy guy more than words can describe. <3


  1. You hold a special place in my heart all year long, Fernando. I miss you.

  2. I will be sending Fernando a Valentine soon. Sorry, Fernando angel, I didn’t get a request for sending you a valentine last year. I don’t usually send Valentines but if I knew you liked them I certainly would have send you the biggest one I could find. Love you Fernando, I pray you and Harley have brand new eyes in haven.

  3. Somewhere at the bridge there is a bunch of happy, goofy, Taylor pups….. Keeping an eye on momma and dad…and rooting for whichever new brother or sister they take in….. Now that is a Valentine’s gift… <3 <3 <3

  4. I lost my Princess a couple of weeks ago at the age of 16 1/2 years old i got her when she was 8 weeks old the one good thing is she left me with her two babies they are 11 years old i love what you are doing at trying to stop puppy mills love you all.

    • I just lost my Willis ( a rescue dachshund/beagle)yesterday. He had tumors throughout his abdomen. No hope of saving him. I get blood work at least every 6 months. He went down fast. My heart is breaking. I have to go out to get Fernando a valentines card but can’t seem to get out of bed.

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