It’s “Inspire Your Heart With Art Day!”

Today is National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day and we can’t think of anything that is more inspiring than #LoveLikeHarley Rocks!

#LoveLikeHarley Rocks is about honoring the life and spirit of Harley – a tiny, senior, one-eyed puppy mill survivor who inspired worldwide puppy mill awareness through his indomitable spirit, forgiveness, and zest for life. It’s about using art to spread joy by painting rocks to hide worldwide. These rocks will be found by others, and in doing so, they will encourage #LoveLikeHarely puppy mill awareness!

Learn more by joining the #LoveLikeHarley Rocks Facebook group here.

Below are some #LoveLikeHarley rocks created by Harley’s Dream supporters. We hope they will #inspireyourheartwithart! 


  1. Thanks for the inspiration!! We travel full time in our RV (retired 🙂 ) and I paint rocks and leave them as we go – now I will use them as a way to spread awareness of the joys of adopting and to educate about puppy mills!!

  2. This is such a great idea. For teachers as well for their students and educate them about puppy mills while they are painting the rocks!! Just so many ideas!

  3. Love them!! The one with the rainbow and the back view of Harley really made me smile…. <3 <3 <3

  4. I love these! You all come up with such great ideas for awareness. Love the creative thinking!

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