Harley’s Heroes – It’s a Family Affair

Brooke protesting in Loveland, Colorado on January 20th.

We thought you might enjoy reading what our Colorado-based Harley’s Hero had to say about her Arizona-based parents!

“My dad found a section in the local newspaper featuring Hops and Harley 2014 as an upcoming event. Intrigued by his missing eye – my mom, dad, brother and I went to meet Harley in Berthoud. The more I learned about Harley and puppy mills the more I educated my parents, family and friends. Even though my parents aren’t on social media and don’t use the internet, I keep them informed on puppy mill news and events. They love Harley and my puppy mill survivor Susie Q and my other rescue dog Sancho, so they tell people about Harley and advocate for pet adoption every chance they get. They protested with my husband and I here in our town of Loveland last Father’s Day and this past weekend they attended their second pet store protest in Tucson, AZ (and they are now officially, Harley’s Heroes). We joke that my dad started the ‘Harley madness’ – but we’re all thankful for that!” -Brooke Pope Peebler

Mike and Louis Pope (Brooke’s parents) protesting in Tucson, Arizona on January 20th. They are wearing gray sweatshirts and holding the No Eye. Why? and Search Puppy Mills signs.

Learn about our Harley’s Heroes project here: www.harleysdream.org/harleys-heroes


  1. What a great thing for a family to do in supporting Harley’s Dream ending all puppy mills. The way Harley lost his eye was horrible, no animal should have to experience such abuse. Since Iowa is 2nd in the nation for puppy mills, over 200, I’m always contacting our legislators asking them to introduce a law to outlaw puppy mills. I pray, that someday soon, puppy mills will not exist!

  2. How cool is that – my mom was a big support for me and my work for Harley’s Dream

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