The Wonderful Art of Annabel Wilson

Our good friend, Annabel Wilson, recently drew a sweet picture of Frankie and we want to be sure everyone sees it!

“Frankie is a tiny senior chihuahua who is being helped by Rudi and Dan Taylor in their beautiful initiative ‘Harley’s House of Dreams’ where they rescue one senior dog in need at a time in Harley’s memory, and pour love and attention on them. Frankie was emaciated and weak and full of health problems which are being sorted out as he is cared for. I drew him because he looks so cute in his jacket and SOOO much better than when he was first rescued! So inspiring – spreading love and kindness – Harley’s Dream!” -Annabel Wilson

Annabel is an artist, teacher, dog lover, book enthusiast, optimist and a dabbler in poetry – plus she illustrated the well-known book for children, Saving Maya. Please be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Annabel’s work, including Harley!
Susie-Belle Schnauzer and Miss Pickles by Annabel
Fernando by Annabel

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  1. What a very amazing picture of Frankie! Annabelle must be very, very talented. ❤

  2. Talented Annabelle’..
    Love her work.
    Already a Twitter follower..
    Now follow on FB + Instagram..

  3. Thank you so much for honoring Frankie. He is a rags to riches story. So thankful for Dan and Rudi taking the time to help this unfortunate little guy

  4. What beautiful work she does! Looks just like Frankie as do Harley and Fernando look like them. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful way to be remembered. Rud and Dan, along with the other rescuers, do such wonderful work.

  6. i saw the post on FB first – the picture of Fernando and Frankie are adorable like Annabelle’s page

  7. Wonderful art work!!!!! Frankie is smiling down from the rainbow fields. 🙂

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