Making a difference … One by One

Harley’s Dream is the story of one tiny little senior dog who inspired a movement. A one-eyed puppy mill survivor who left us all too soon, but who inspired others to strive for hope and change for our canine companions. One dog whose life and legacy has created a movement against the puppy mill industry.

One at a time. One Harley’s Hero protesting pet stores in inclement weather. One supporter writing to their legislator. One pet store no longer selling puppies. One city-wide pet store ban being passed. One person educating another by telling Harley’s story. One person seeing a billboard and asking, “What happened to Harley’s eye?” One state passing a pet store ban. One dog is adopted because someone read Harley’s story. One by one. One at a time. Generating a national movement toward change.

Harley’s Dream is making a difference … one by one. One person, one dog, one store, one ban, one state. Help us to help them – the breeding dogs living in misery in puppy mills.

In 2017,00 with YOUR support, we have reached more than 65 MILLION PEOPLE!! Through billboards, individual touch-points and events we have been able to educate millions of people about the puppy mill issues, but we have only JUST BEGUN!

In 2018 we can educate so many more! Please consider making a one-time or recurring tax-deductible donation to help make Harley’s dream come true.

We thank you so very much for loving Harley and caring about his dream. He continues to inspire us every day, but it’s YOUR support that is making a difference for the hundreds of thousands of breeding dogs suffering in puppy mills today.

Most sincerely,
Dan & Rudi Taylor
Founders, Harley’s Dream


  1. I still cry when I think about how Harley endured 10 years in a horrible puppy mill!! I don’t know how dogs do it!! It breaks my heart for any dog to have to live like that!! That’s not a life for any dog!! I don’t know how the ppl that run those places sleep at night!! I hope someday soon it will be illegal to have puppy mills. 😭😡


  2. Today I put one of Harley’s ban Puppy Mill cards in every aisle in my local Woolworths here in New South Wales Australia.
    We will keep fighting Harley and Teddy.


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