Fernando, Tango, and the Blue Shirt

Fernando looking handsome in his blue shirt

Fernando donated his blue shirt to the last Harley’s Dream auction. He was happy to do so and this is what he wrote on September 8, 2017 – “I wanted to donate something special to the auction and I gave it a lot of thought… I have this blue shirt that I like a lot, it’s really soft and mom says I look handsome in it. I decided I should share it with someone else. I hope it raises a lot of money!” Love, Fernando

The shirt was won in the auction by Nancy Darden and just a couple days ago she shared pictures of Tango wearing Fernando’s shirt. This made us smile and we think it will make you smile too.

I know you, Rudi and Dan, are still grieving over the loss of Fernando, but I wanted to send you a few pictures I took tonight of one of my beloved ‘kids’ … Tango. He is proudly wearing Fernando’s favorite blue shirt that we would have paid all of the money in the world if that’s what it took to win it in the last Harley’s Dream auction. Both of my little boys fight over who gets to wear it, but tonight Tango won out!” – Nancy Dresden

Tango looking handsome in Fernando’s blue shirt


  1. Tango so handsome I am sure Fernando is very pleased that Tango loves his shirt he must be smiling.

    • Tango thanks you so much for the compliment. <3 He is committed to ending puppy mills, and he hopes Fernando is looking down and approves of how he wears this priceless shirt. <3

  2. awh this is so touching brought tears too my eyes Thank You for sharing with us

  3. Tango looks very proud and happy sharing Fernando’s favorite blue shirt!

    • Tango IS very proud, and hopes to continue the fight to end puppy mills. We hope Fernando is looking down and approves of how Tango looks wearing now ‘their’ favorite blue shirt. <3

    • Tango thanks you for your kind comment. He wears Fernando’s shirt proudly, and hopes that he can use it as a vehicle to educate people on the horrors of puppy mills. <3

  4. Aw!! So great to see Tango wearing Nando’s shirt!! You look spiffy Tango!!! What an honor for Sweet Nandos memory !!!

    • It is Tango’s honor to be able to wear this priceless shirt. Thank you so much for the compliment.

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