Fernando, Forever in our Hearts

From yesterday, Nov 30, 2017:

Hello everyone, I’m Rudi and Dan’s friend, Mary. They asked me to let you know that their beloved Fernando is at peace.  He gained his wings just a bit ago while wrapped in the love of his mom and dad. He was happy, but his brave little heart had given all it could.

Dan and Rudi are understandably devastated, so they will need time to grieve. Please hold them in your hearts and when they are ready, they will tell you more.

Fernando, you captured our hearts with your charming ways and your engaging smile. Thank you for brightening our days, and know that you are forever a part of us.

Run free, Nando. I’m sure you and Harley are getting acquainted now, and I have no doubt you are already the best of friends.


  1. Dearest Rudi & Dan, My heart is broken at Fernando’s passing to Rainbow Bridge. You didn’t know how much time he had with you because of his health issues. The time he was with you was filled with so much love & care. I know you will miss him very much. Fernando was such a Sweet boy!! We loved him very much!! My condolences to you both!! Bless you & Fernando. He will be missed. 😭💔🌈

  2. So sad he is a love but angel Harley will be there with him <3 love and prayers

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