Frankie’s Little Jaunt in the Forest

Frankie had the urge to explore, so he bundled up in his warmest jacket and went outside into the forest. He wandered through tall grass, around big rocks and fallen trees. He smelled the air and the earth. He was very brave, though he kept foster-mom in his sight at all times. Frankie was feeling fine. It was a great day!

See the timeline of Frankie’s journey which began on the day he was rescued.


  1. Love this, & that he’s getting to savor the beautiful outdoors with people who love & protect him.

  2. My heart is so elated to see this darling little boy doing better. He has to feel so happy, which is a feeling he has never had. Thank you for what you have done for Frankie. God bless and give him a kiss from me please💜

  3. So happy for you, Frankie! I love your little jacket. Keep on enjoying life! Sending you lots of love!❤❤

  4. Bless his little sweet heart. I must say he sure is handsome with his warm coat on. So happy he wanted to get and take a look around. Such a handsome boy you are Frankie & l love you loads!! ♥️😘🤗😍

  5. This makes my heart so happy!! Great job, foster mom and dad, and here’s to many more happy days Frankie!!

  6. This makes me so happy to see Frankie standing better and walking around! He is such a sweet boy! Love you Frankie!

    Lisa (God-mother)

  7. These pictures just make
    My heart swell. I’m so happy to see Frankie thriving. Praying his blood panel comes back okay.

  8. So sweet he gets to be a real dog. You are so brave little man.

  9. Makes my heart Happy to see Frankie exploring the great outdoors! He’s really coming along due to your wonderful care.

  10. Awwww, he is looking so good & pink plaid becomes him! Happy to see him exploring & doing normal doggie things!
    He is a sweetie-boy!!❤️🐶❤️🐶

  11. So happy to see Frankie is out and about – and looking very dapper in his warm jacket, I must say! 😍

  12. It really warms my heart to see little Frankie enjoying his jaunt in the forest. This little guy has come a long way and I know he will keep getting better with your caring and love. God Bless!

  13. You are brave Frankie, heading out into the forest. It’s so wonderful to see you outside among the trees and being free xo

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