We’re thankful for YOU!

Dear Friend,

As Thanksgiving Day is approaching we wanted to take this time to express our gratitude to you for your support of Harley and his dream.

Our first year as a nonprofit has been amazingly successful and we owe that to YOU. It’s because of your trust in our mission and your generous support, that we’ve been able to impact nearly 65,000,000 (YES, 65 MILLION!) people through our Awareness, Education and Advocacy programs.

Like you, we believe in a world where dogs don’t live in cages. We believe they deserve more than to spend their lives supplying puppies to pet stores and for online sales. And we believe they deserve to know freedom and comfort and love.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Dan & Rudi
Founders, Harley’s Dream


  1. Thank you Rudi & Dan for keeping Harleys Dream going. We believe we can make a difference and without your guidance it wouldn’t be possible. Blessings


  2. Happy Thanksgiving to Dan, Rudi, the pups and to our precious Angel Harley in Heaven.We are thankful for you and all you do to make #Harley’sDream come true.God bless.🦃


  3. Happy Thanksgiving Dan and Rudi you and Harley have made such a difference in so many people’s lives including ours. #endpuppymills


  4. Rudi and Dan, Thank you for believing in and persisting in your dedication to Harley and Harley’s Dream. May you have a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.


  5. I am grateful for you, Dan and Rudi, Angel Harley , Fernando and all that work to make this Dream come true. I have my own puppy mill survivor and cannot imagine life without her. God Bless you and the work you do, the grief you have survived and all the dogs you have saved. 💖💖💖


  6. A most Happy Thanksgiving to you today! Today is for people like you……God Bless. Forgive me for missing Teddy in my previous post. 💞💞💞


  7. GOD Bless you All For The Wonderful, Loving, And Caring Work That You Do To Help The Beautiful Animals. I Love You Harley. I Lost My Beautiful Rescue Chihuahua, “Delphine” 3 Months Ago ~ She Was 20 Years Old, And She Was With Me For 13 Wonderful Years. My Heart Is So Broken, And I Cry Every Day, But When I Heal I Will DEFINITELY Rescue Another (Maybe 2) Needy Chihuahuas.I Applaud You For Your Undying Dedication. Have A Beautiful And Peace Filled Thanksgiving.


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