Did Harley inspire you to give back?

Did Harley inspire you to give back? Did you give time, adopt a dog, donate money or goods, or share skills to have a meaningful impact? How have you been motivated to make a difference?

Tell your story and Harley’s Dream could win a prize up to $10,000! Learn more about this exciting opportunity to share your story and help support puppy mill awareness. Be sure to name “Harley’s Dream” as your favorite non-profit organization.

Submissions are being accepted through November 30th. Learn more at this link: www.mygivingstory.givingtuesday.org

Please let us know if you submitted a story! 


  1. Harley inspired me to adopt a little Shih Tzu that was a mill breeder. She was nearly 9 and I went down to Kansas to get her. The next year I heard about a 15 year old dog that was a abuse neglect case. I have had both these angles for over 2 years and they love everyone. It took about 2 years for Missy to come out of her she’ll she was so shut down, but now she is quite the opinionated little miss and Scooter helped her so much. They bring me so much love and joy.

  2. Harley inspires me every day….I do give more attention to mill dogs and senior dogs now than I used to…and donate time and money often. We currently have 6 senior dogs in our household so I’m well aware of their special needs…our 2 females are both former mill breeders. I’m pretty certain their beds are more comfortable than mine… lol I help because I can, because its needed…none of us can save them all but each of us can help if we just do something…. even if its sharing the stories on social media…. 🙂 <3

  3. I have entered my story
    I hope that any story submitted will bring you the so much needed funds.

  4. Harley inspires me everyday with his spirit to do as much as I possibly can to make people aware of the horrible conditions of puppy mills. I miss him daily but I know he is here in spirit.

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