Teddy was ‘counting’ on you and you came through!

Our fall initiative, “Take a BITE out of Puppy Mills” was intended to educate people worldwide about puppy mills in a non-graphic, family-friendly creative way and we are thrilled to report that it was hugely successful!

With YOUR help, more than 700,000 people were educated about the pet store/puppy mill connection and more than 106,000 educational materials were distributed throughout the month of October. Teddy was ‘counting’ on you and you came through!

Where did the idea come from?
Teddy, a puppy mill survivor and spokes-dog against puppy mills, was the inspiration behind our Halloween-themed awareness campaign. Because of health concerns, Teddy had to visit his doctor (aka “the bloodsucker”) for a series of blood tests and one day he decided to wear his vampire costume to an appointment … and the idea was born!

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  1. Iowa is 2nd in the nation for puppy mills so I constantly let our legislators know how horrible these puppy mills are and they need to be shut down! Teddy, you are an adorable little fellow and I want to help you shut these puppy mills down.

  2. Happy dance..☺
    Dog bless all who helped precious TEDDY “take a bite out of puppy mills”..
    We will never give up on the *dream*

  3. Teddy we count on you everyday. It was a honor to meet you ,hold you and sneak a kiss. Thank you for carrying on Harley’s Dream. I know you miss your best friend. However, because of your strength and efforts Harley will never be forgotten. I hope to see you again.
    Love Sandy and Wheezer

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