Licked by Fernando!

With a little help from his gramma, Fernando made these special peanut butter / applesauce treats. They are made using all natural ingredients and Fernando personally checked each one for quality (and taste) control.

Included in the package are 10 treats. Ingredients: natural peanut butter, natural applesauce, organic coconut flour, organic chicken stock (safe for people, too).

You’ll find ten packages of Fernando’s special treats in the Harley’s Dream Auction which is open for online bidding through Sept 16th.  CLICK HERE to see them! And be sure to check out ‘Nando’s pictures below.



  1. From the number of bids, Fernando needs to do a lot more baking and licking!!!

  2. Is there any way I can get the recipe for these treats? I would love to make a big batch of them as gifts for the pups of my patients and for my local rescue. Thank you

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