Oh, Where the Toes Can Go

Teddy has been working hard creating art for our upcoming Harley’s Dream Auction which opens for online bidding on September 9th. But meanwhile, Teddy was kind enough to share his beautiful paw print paintings and his thoughts about his latest collection … Oh, Where the Toes Can Go!

“I’m very honored to present to you my next collection of paw print paintings titled ‘Oh, Where the Toes Can Go’.

“I lived in a puppy mill cage for 7 years. In those cages your toes only know one thing – pain. Puppy mill dogs are locked in cages 24/7, with their paws hurting from the wire floor, soaked in urine, caked in feces, and with painful long nails. Many times your paws fall through the wire, resulting in injuries.

“Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how my life has changed since I was freed from the cage and I wanted to share the experiences that I’ve had, experiences that I never even dreamed about until I was free from the cage.  Experiences that the puppy mill dogs will probably never have. This collection was inspired by several trips I’ve been on and the wonderment of where my toes are now, compared to where they used to be.

“So, this is my ‘Oh, Where the Toes Can Go’ collection of 16 paw print art paintings, each one depicting a different freedom experience and created in honor of puppy mill dogs everywhere.  Every dog should know life outside the cage and their toes should experience oh so much more than a rusty wire floor in a puppy mill. Toes should know how sweet grass feels on their paws, how sand can be hot and then cool in-between their toes….and their toes should be in the flowers, in the sky, on the path to freedom, and in a heart!  I really hope you enjoy this collection and thank you for your support.  ~Teddy”

Preview Teddy’s collection on our auction website: Harley’s Dream Auction – Bidding for Change
All funds raised will go toward educating and spreading awareness about puppy mills.  See Teddy’s 16 latest paintings below.


  1. This is simply brilliant. Thank you so very much, Teddy, for sharing your experiences with all of us!

  2. Oh my goodness, you break my heart every day, what a heart you have. Please start selling in Canada soon!

  3. <3 I will be bidding, bidding, bidding!! I would love to have one or two of Teddy's artworks on my wall…… Can't wait till tomorrow…. 🙂

  4. Aww TeddyBear they are wonderful!! I love them!! I just hope I can out bid someone. Love you & Harley!! I do Miss him so much!! ❤❤❤

  5. I love the paintings! Your little story about Oh where the toes can go brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for such a delightful collection! I love you Teddy! 🙂

  6. Love them all ,but especially like the heart one because I have your pink one and need the blue one. Then I have one for each of my dogs to go above their bed.

  7. Only where toes can go. What a way to celebrate your freedom. Teddy, I follow you and Harley daily.
    I had the pleasure of meeting you and your mommy on two occasions.
    Teddy, I know you choose your mommy. I have read your life story along Wilton Harley’s several times. The story never gets old.
    Thank you for keeping Harley’s Dream alive.
    One day puppy mills will be closed and all the work you and your family has done will not be taken in vain. People are listening.

  8. these are so wonderful Teddy – You have captured a lot of emotion in your work – I hope I am lucky enough to be a winning bidder

  9. Sorry so late seeing this. We went to Alabama to escape Hurricane Irma. Have three trees down and lots of debris, but the house was safe. Wonderful work, Teddy.

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