Happy Birthday Teddy!

Teddy’s 12th birthday is today and he wrote a special message that we thought you all would like to read:

“Today is my birthday and I turn 12 years old. I lived the first 7 years in a puppy mill cage and have now lived 5 years in freedom.

“People have asked me what I want for my birthday, and Mom and I have talked and talked about this. I really have everything I need and want. I have a loving home, an amazing family, and wonderful friends who work very hard to help the puppy mill dogs. I have health and I have freedom from the cage. I have more than so many others and Mom says she’ll give me extra belly rubs, so what more could a little guy want?

“Right now there are so many truly devastating events impacting people, pets, and wildlife all across the country – – many of the western states are on fire, Texas is reeling from Harvey, and Hurricane Irma is causing mass destruction and headed for Florida. There is so much tragedy, so much sadness, so much hurt, and so much fear.

“Today for my birthday I’d just ask everyone to be kind – to ‘Love Like Harley’. To do good where and when you can. To help others, especially those who can’t help themselves, whether human or animal. To speak up for those who can’t. To take care of one another. To be generous and give of your time to others. To think “what can I do to help” and then to just do it. To reach out and offer resources to those who might need it, and to open your heart or home or wallet or pantry to someone or something. If you are able to and want to give financially, give where you heart and mind lead you. And please use social media compassionately; speak kind words and do kind acts because you can’t know what others are going through.

“So, I don’t want to ask for anything for me for my birthday (unless you can send a virtual belly rub which I’ll be happy to accept). All I ask is that if you do any of these kind things in honor of my 12th Birthday, please think of me and let me know. I really feel we could use some positive and uplifting stories right now and I’d love to hear what you are doing. Thank you so much!”

Love, Teddy <3 

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  1. Happy Birthday sweet & handsome Teddy. Sending many virtual belly rubs your way and donated dog food to the Harvey relief efforts Enjoy your day.

  2. What an incredible message Teddy, thank you and I wish you the happiest of birthday’s little man xo

  3. Happy birthday Teddy !!! Your thoughtfulness of others and the tragedies that are happening right now has put tears in my eyes. You have such a sweet soul and I love you. I bought you a card a little while ago but can’t find it( I may have mailed it and forgot coz I’m a little older). Sweetie have a wonderful day. Love you to pieces !!!

  4. Oh my, sweet Teddy you had me at “Love Like Harley”. Happy Birthday you amazing friend to all. You inspire joy, gratitude, compassion, but most of all, love. Today I’m going to love like Teddy. I love you sweet boy.

  5. Happy Birthday Teddy💖
    I know your mommy will make your day extra special. Hope you get extra tummy rubs from everyone who loves you so much. 🎉🎂
    Sending lots of love you have helped so many your my hero.

  6. God bless you and I’m glad someone came and rescued you from those horrible puppy mills maybe get rid of them and there being no more and all the little babies and grown up dogs and cats and all the animals be safe and happy God bless you amen

  7. Happy Happy Birthday sweet little man.
    You have a wonderful day celebrating today then get a good night’s rest
    I love to see your pictures on facebook and that little face always makes me smile!❤️❤️❤️🐾🐾❤️❤️❤️

  8. Happy Birthday Teddy. Your wish is just wonderful. I will do everything I can to make your wish come true, today and everyday. Love to you and you family.

  9. Happy Birthday sweet Teddy Bear!!! Belly rubs sent your way and much love too!!! We all have become enchanted with you and your story. I look forward to see what and where you are and are doing!!! I wear Harleys hat with pride and tell your story to everyone I meet, many find you just as charming as I do!!! So have a wonderful steak dinner an extra piece of birthday cake and tell momma ” more belly rubs please!!!” Momma hug him tight and give him kisses from all of us—and thank you for giving him the best 5 years of his life—your an angel!!! Patty

  10. Happy Birthday Teddy! I hope you have a wonderful day! I’ve dedicated my birthday to helping the victims of Harvey. I have a donation on Facebook. Thank you to you and your family for uplifting all of us. Lots of love to you little man.

  11. Happy Birthday Harley we love you Heavnly kisses <3 and we are doing all we can to help others human and animal <3 We have family and friends in Texas, Calif and Florida and been on top of it and praying

  12. Happy Happy Birthday precious Teddy! Sending Love all the way from California

  13. Happy birthday, Teddy. You are truly an inspiration. I hope you receive many belly rubs today. Lots of love and hugs. Many virtual belly rubs on the way to you.

  14. That was a very sweet message that you wrote. I’m glad that you were freed from that awful cage and that you have such a very great life now. Sending virtual belly rubs from me and my pack of 10. I will continue helping animals any way I can and spreading the word about puppy mills. Happy birthday Teddy!!!! You’re the man! 🙂

  15. That was a beautiful message! I couldn’t agree more. Have a wonderful Birthday little guy❣️Sending virtual hugs and belly rubs your way❣️❣️🎉🎂🎈

  16. Happy Birthday sweet Teddy. I have donated to The Red Cross, and continued to pray for all who are in harm’s way – that means people and animals too.

  17. Teddy, from all the responses you have much love a virtual belly rubs coming your way – your message was very poignant message for all of us that are not where recent events have devastated others. Hope you enjoyed your day with Mom and your family – you work hard – you deserve a Teddy day

  18. Happy Birthday Teddy….. I will make a donation in your name to help out those most in need…. Love you little guy…. <3 <3 <3

  19. Happy Birthday, Teddy. Tell Fernando that I have donated to Muttville to help the dogs in Texas. Muttville, SPCA & other rescues here in SF got a plane & went to Texas and helped clear the kennels of dogs that were up for adoption to make space available for the dogs that will be needing help. Muttville (where Fernando is from) took in the seniors and some have already found their new homes!! I will be donating to Florida rescue also & will do so in your honor. Have a happy happy day!!

  20. Happy Birthday Teddy, sending you lits of belly rubs. Also, I am waiting for Ruff House Rescue to get rescured dogs from Texas I want adopt one. Unfortunately with circumstances in my hour, I can only get a small dog and I know there will be plenty. Please pray they start getting them soon. Again, Happy Birthday Teddy sending you lots of belly rubs

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