Hands On Harley Week!

7 Simple Tips to Fighting Puppy Mills

Written by Bridget Wolf

Bridget, Harley’s Hero – advocate for puppy mill dogs

While each of us possess various strengths and abilities we may not always share the same comfort zone when speaking of puppy mills. Every one of us can still be radically effective when it comes to puppy mill advocacy by simply sharing information in the hope of seeing our desired goal go from a dream to a reality.

Whether you’re an armchair activist or you prefer “hitting the pavement”, both play key roles in the fight against puppy mills, by responsibly and respectfully presenting important and accurate information. Both are equally important warriors in implementing needed change for mill dogs.

The rescuer, pet store protester, educator, or event organizer may prefer “getting out there” while the armchair activist is working tirelessly from behind the scenes. All are needed to see Harley’s dream of “until the last cage has been opened” come to fruition. The dream of finally realizing an end to the imprisonment of mill dogs is passionately shared by us all and will take the efforts of us all using our strengths and gifts.

Unsure exactly what a puppy mill is? The key to effective activism is to thoroughly know your subject. Spend a little time gathering important facts, explore and research, then share your information with others through the various channels available to you. The Harley’s Dream website and Harley’s Facebook page and group, offer endless information and will prove to be a valuable resource to you.

By knowing and sharing Harley’s story and the plight of the puppy mill prisoners, even the armchair activist has the ability to reach thousands of people and plays a huge role in finally seeing mans best friend freed from horrific lives of abuse and neglect. There is always opportunity to share with others. Being professional and kind when sharing this important information honors the “Love Like Harley” motto that guides us.

Seven simple ideas anyone can incorporate this week:

  1. Share the Harley’s Dream website www.harleysdream.org through your social media platforms.
  2. Include a simple “Love Like Harley” or “Learn the truth about puppy mills at harleysdream.org” in your e-mail signature.
  3. Write a short message on the envelope of your outgoing snail-mail. I prefer “Say NO to puppy mills with Harley’s Dream.org”.
  4. Set your personal greeting on your phone to include “Just Say No to Puppy Mills”.
  5. Write a few letters to your lawmakers and educate them about the puppy mill issue. Click here to learn how to do this.
  6. Purchase Harley bumper sticker or magnet for your car (or a friend’s car) to help promote “Adopt, Don’t Shop”.
  7. Whenever you make a post in social media, include the hashtags: #HarleysDream #ENDpuppymills.

Congratulations! By incorporating the above simple tips you’ve just made it a HANDS-ON HARLEY WEEK!

This article was written by Bridget Wolf, Harley’s Hero and mom to puppy mill survivor, Princess Eleanor (princess with a purpose).

Besides using social media to share the message about puppy mills, Bridget and Eleanor also have an awareness table at North Myrtle Beach Petco regularly, where they educate their community, encouraging them to “adopt, don’t shop”.

Bridget with Harley after his last rescue, Bridget’s awareness table at Petco in North Myrtle Beach, SC and Eleanor.




  1. 4 out of my current 9 dogs I rescued from puppy mills, and there have been many other over the last 20+ years. Puppy mills are some of the most horrible places I have rescued dogs from, and I have seen many horrible situations 🙁 People need to stand up and speak up and stop allowing this cruelty. We are their voices. I stand with you on this issue 100%!

  2. Bridget
    Every word a valuable lesson. We both read all your words. Sometimes I feel like I am not doing enough. These is like a word hug. Thank you.

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