Our First Six-Month Impact Report

Dear Friends,

We are excited to provide you the impact report for our first six months as a non-profit. We are sure that Harley would be very proud of what all of us, together, have accomplished in this very short period of time.

Because of YOUR hope and belief in Harley’s Dream, we have been able to reach millions of people worldwide. We’ve done this through our 3 programs (Awareness, Education and Advocacy) which are aimed at creating awareness, educating the public and taking action against the cruel commercial dog breeding industry. For instance, through our awareness program at least 37,000,000 people have seen our billboard signs! And we are contacted daily by many people who just became aware of the horrors of puppy mills.

There is no doubt that with your generous support, our small grassroots organization is making a tremendous difference in the fight against puppy mills. This year alone, 38 cities/towns have established a retail pet store ban (now totaling 279 bans in North America). Many of these were actively supported by Harley’s Heroes across the country.

The legal over-breeding of dogs in commercial facilities produces millions of puppies each year. This overpopulation is responsible for 75% of the dogs languishing in shelters and rescues. Harley’s Dream is committed to getting to the source of the problem by bringing an end to puppy mills.

We have some exciting plans for the near future which will continue to raise public awareness, to educate both children and adults, and to effect change. We’ll be announcing those plans soon!

Thank you so much for being an important part of this movement. We are very grateful for your trust and support. Harley taught us to hope and believe. He continues to inspire us and this inspiration lives on through Harley’s Dream.

Very best regards,
Dan & Rudi Taylor
Founders, Harley’s Dream

Please consider making a donation to help us continue sharing Harley’s message to even more people. With your help we can bring an end to puppy mills. Thank you so much for your ongoing support!




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