Fernando’s Gotcha Day – Coming Soon!

“CHECK OUT THESE CARDS!! They were sent to ME! And all because I’m about to celebrate my first year as a Taylor. The best dang year of my life. It’s called my Gotcha Day and I also call it my birthday and I’m just so happy and so excited and well, gosh, I feel like a silly puppy.” Love, Fernando

Help Fernando celebrate his first Gotcha Day by participating in his Birthday Card Fundraiser. Send him a card, and if you’re able, enclose $1 to support Harley’s Dream. Thank you!

Fernando c/o Harley’s Dream
PO Box 64
Berthoud, CO 80513


  1. Fernando you are the cutest little man since Harley! Happy Gotcha Day and a card is coming!💙💙🎂🎉🎂

    Sent from my iPad



  2. ❤ My card is on it's way Fernando!! I hope you have a wonderful, love filled, Gotcha day sweet boy! ❤


  3. Happy Birthday aka Gotcha’ Day, precious FERNANDO ♥

    You deserve every one of those super cards
    and so many more ☺

    All represent TONS of LOVE for you..
    and angel Harley’s Dream of “no more evil puppy mills”.♥

    My card is in there somewhere..

    and you are in my heart always ♥

    ENJOY the *party,* sweet ‘NANDO ♥

    ♫ Happy Gotcha’ Day to you, precious FERNANDO♫


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