Fernando’s Gotcha Day – Coming Soon!

“CHECK OUT THESE CARDS!! They were sent to ME! And all because I’m about to celebrate my first year as a Taylor. The best dang year of my life. It’s called my Gotcha Day and I also call it my birthday and I’m just so happy and so excited and well, gosh, I feel like a silly puppy.” Love, Fernando

Help Fernando celebrate his first Gotcha Day by participating in his Birthday Card Fundraiser. Send him a card, and if you’re able, enclose $1 to support Harley’s Dream. Thank you!

Fernando c/o Harley’s Dream
PO Box 64
Berthoud, CO 80513


  1. Wow..got lots of cards there sweetie pie! Enjoy your special day and wishing you many many more!

  2. Wow, look at all those cards!! Everyone loves you, Fernando and I hope you have the best birthday ever!

  3. Fernando you are the cutest little man since Harley! Happy Gotcha Day and a card is coming!💙💙🎂🎉🎂

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  4. I hope you got mine Fernandez. I sent it from Kangaroo Land. 🇦🇺🐾🐶💙

  5. <3 My card is on it's way Fernando!! I hope you have a wonderful, love filled, Gotcha day sweet boy! <3

  6. Hey Fernando, I hope you enjoy the birthday card I sent, it was sent to you with lots of love!

  7. Happy Birthday aka Gotcha’ Day, precious FERNANDO ♥

    You deserve every one of those super cards
    and so many more ☺

    All represent TONS of LOVE for you..
    and angel Harley’s Dream of “no more evil puppy mills”.♥

    My card is in there somewhere..

    and you are in my heart always ♥

    ENJOY the *party,* sweet ‘NANDO ♥

    ♫ Happy Gotcha’ Day to you, precious FERNANDO♫

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