Promotional Materials to Help Fight Puppy Mills

We now offer ‘Puppy Mill Awareness’ rack cards and tri-fold brochures (in packs of 50) which provide information about puppy mills and the pet store connection.

The brochures are a professional way to educate the public about the horrors of commercial dog breeding. They fit nicely in an acrylic rack card holder and would be perfect sitting on the counter at a variety of businesses, such as: veterinary offices, pet supply stores, hair salons, gas stations, the ideas are endless!

Approximately 9″ tall, these cards/brochures are very noticeable on community bulletin boards as well.

Look over the images below which show both the front and back of What is a Puppy Mill and Pet Store Puppies and both sides of the Who is Harley? tri-fold brochure.

See our selection and order here:

All our promotional cards and brochures are available at a minimal cost to you and shipping is FREE. It’s most important to us that they be distributed as quickly as possible.

Also available to help spread the message about puppy mills are Harley’s Awareness Cards, Teddy’s Paw Prints Against Puppy Mills rack cards and bumper stickers.

Thanks for helping spread the message about puppy mills and working with us to make a difference for the hundreds of thousands of breeding dogs suffering in cages today.

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  1. All puppy mills should be shut down, the people running these puppy mills are only in it for the money. These poor animals are kept in cages, sometimes without water or food for long periods of time, and never know what it is like to run and play outside on grass, it is total animal abuse.

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