supports Harley’s Dream

We’ve ordered dog food and pet supplies from for the past few years and we’ve always bragged about the company. Their prices are comparable to any pet supply store and they ship super fast. We are excited to announce that now supporting Harley’s Dream!

Place an order with and they will donate $20 to Harley’s Dream!! (first time customers, one per household) Plus, they are also offering a 20% discount on your first order and free shipping on orders over $49.

To place an order, it’s important that you click this link:



  1. I’ve used a few months ago when my son got a new dog and the customer service and the shipping all of that was excellent. I highly recommend them

  2. I am a long time customer of chewey, but I am proud of this company loving Harley ad much as we do

  3. I’ve been a customer but I emailed them and asked if I could still get in on the $20 donation to Harley’s Dream. They said yes, I just had to email them with the rescue information. I haven’t heard back from them yet. They really are the greatest company and I love it delivered to my door!!!

  4. I knew there was a reason I Love!!! Awesome they are giving back to Harley’s Dream!! I order from them all the time!

  5. I’ve been a happy customer for several years – great prices & amazing customer service. Pleased that they are supporting Harley’s Dream.

    Love the photo of handsome Fernando.

  6. Awesome! I order from at least
    once a month when I order my dog’s food,
    Excellent that it will help support Harley’s Dream.

  7. I’m trying to place order now. It says $20 will go to Harley, but will not take 20% off first-time order.

      • I’ve been a long time chewy customer but when I contacted them about it they donated for me anyway!! They’re awesome and their customer service is the BEST,!

  8. I ordered from chewy but forgot the website to donate anyway I can still do it?

    • That’s what happened to me, exactly. I emailed them, told them what happened, how much I live their company and they made a one time donation to Harley’s Dream! I can’t say for sure, but you can try!

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