Fernando’s First Gotcha Day Wish

“Hi folks! I got my picture taken wearing my new tie and it’s all for a darn good reason. You see, August 8th will be my first Gotcha Day in my forever-ever-ever home. It’s a really big deal to me and I’m really looking forward to it.

“I’m an old guy you know and I’ve not had the easiest life. I ain’t the prettiest flower in the garden, I can’t walk well, I can’t see much, I can’t hear a thing (unless it’s loud and scares the heck out of me). I’ve got issues too. For instance, if you touch me while I’m sleeping it takes about five minutes to get my respiration back to normal. And here’s something that I don’t tell people very often, I bite mom and dad. Yep, it’s a fact. I don’t mean to bite, but it just happens … and I feel terrible about it so I’m sure to give ’em kisses after those episodes. That’s what they call them … episodes. They’re thankful that I don’t have teeth and I’m thankful that they always forgive me.

“Anyway, back to the reason I’m wearing the cool tie and had these pictures taken … I’m hoping you all will send me a birthday card. I’d like that very much. And if you’re so inclined, please enclose $1.00 so I can contribute to making Harley’s dream come true. Thanks folks, you’ll be hearing more from me soon. Oh, and be sure to check out all my pictures below.”  Love, Nando

Birthday cards can be sent to:
Fernando c/o Harley’s Dream
PO Box 64
Berthoud, CO 80513

All donations will go directly to Harley’s Dream to bring an end to puppy mills. Thanks so much for helping Fernando celebrate his first Gotcha Day!


  1. Fernando, I know Mom and Dad forgive the biting. They know you did not have a nice life before you came to them and the way you were treated before has made you scared. I think you ARE the most beautiful flower in the garden, my dear, and don’t ever let anyone tell you differently!

  2. Fernando, you’re so very handsome! ! ♡ Daisy

    My mom thinks so too!!! 🙂

  3. You are a mighty handsome boy! So happy you have such a wonderful caring family

  4. Oh, Nando (LOVE the shortened name!), you are sooooo handsome! Your tie makes you look so sophisticated! Chewy, Beau and I will go shopping to find the perfect birthday/gotcha card for you!!

  5. “Nando” looking pretty fancy all dressed up with a tie little guy. You can be sure I’ll be sending you a card in honour of your “Gotcha Day” and will enclose a little donation to put towards Harley’s Dream in your honour little man.

  6. Happy (almost) 1st “Gotcha’ Day,” sweet Nando ♥♥

    You bet I’ll send you a card..
    and with a little “Gotcha’ Day” $ inside too..
    for Harley’s Dream..

    I ♥ you, Fernando..☺

  7. Fernando you are most handsomest flower in the garden! Your cuteness shines bright. Mom and dad forgive you because the love you so much! Will get a bday card in the mail!!

  8. You’re very handsome Fernando! I love you so much and I’m so happy you have the love of the best family ever. These pictures are absolutely precious, too! ❤️❤️☺️

  9. I’ve loved you from the first day I saw your picture, Fernando. Your photos are very handsome, I shared your message. <3

  10. Dearest Fernando,

    As soon as I get out to do some shopping I will absolutely get you a birthday card!. I myself have a puppy mill survivor her name is Lizzy. She’s younger than you but she’s bitten me too so I understand completely. And she does the same thing you do if she’s sleeping and accidentally gets touched she wakes up in a start. She has to resource guarding issues so we can’t have any bones in the house for her to chew on. I adopted another dog last August who came off the streets of Kentucky. Together they make a great team and I thank God for them. Honey, if tears could make you young and perfect you would be but then you would not be Fernando. And we all love you so. Give my love to Harley and to your pawrents for loving you. I miss him as I’m sure you do as well.

    Vicki Lizzy and Archie 💕💕💕

  11. Happy Happy 1st Year “GOTCHA DAY” ,
    Fernando ♥️♥️♥️🐶
    Sending you lots of love from me and Jakey.
    Birthday card on its way, Fernando♥️📮🐶

  12. Fernando, in MY garden, YOU are the MOST BEAUTIFUL FLOWER !!! I love you beyond measure !!! And I most certainly will be sending you a Birthday card, FULL of love and some $, too. I know Momma Rudi & Daddy Dan don’t take offense to the things you do, because they love you, and, well, they just know thats how you are. Precious boy, I pray for so much money, to come in, that you’ll need an armored car to get it picked up. So until then, I love you, Nando, with ALL MY HEART ! Harley would sure be proud of you ! Keep up the GREAT WORK & take care of yourself ! XOXOXO

  13. Omg Fernando que guapo (how handsome)You look in your tie 😍😍😍😍😍😍love to you

  14. Handsome Fernando sure I will send you a Birthday card with all my love 😍

  15. Fernando, Happy gotcha day. I’m so glad you have a wonderful home. And you look fantastic in your tie. A card will be coming your way soon.

  16. Fernando you are super cute! Happy Early Gotcha Day! So glad you are celebrating your 1year with the best family ever!

  17. I think you’re very handsome. That’s such a big tie for such a little guy. I’ll pick up a card and get it sent out with a donation. I love you Nando. ❤️🐾💞

  18. Such a sweet boy…. so happy you have Mom And Dad to love you. You are as special as Harley was… keep up the good work to keep his dream alive.

    Denise M

  19. Your so adorable Fernando u have had a rough life but now u have the very best mom an dad ur continuing a great tradition keep up the great work, hugs and kisses to u ALL ❤❤❤❤❤❤forgot to tell u that u look really awesome in that tie an all ur pictures look fantastic love to you all ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  20. My sweet Fernando, I think you look so handsome in your new tie. You make sure to have mom and dad show you my card when it arrives! It was a real pleasure getting to hold you in my arms when you were in Tucson. I’ll never forget that day! I love you to the moon and back. Don’t worry too much about the biting issue. No matter what you do mom and dad will love you . They know the horror you lived thru! By cat Baxter bite’s me and he has very sharp teeth but I told him I would Never Ever give him away! Love you Nando 💗💗💗

  21. <3 So Handsome . . Fernando has really come into his own. . <3Dear boy<3. . Harley would love his new Brother and he would be so proud of him being such great ambassador for Harley's Dream. . Fantastic Photos. . Nxx 😀 OZ.

  22. <3 I love your pretty tie Fernando….I would love to send you a birthday card with a little something inside…you are such a special little guy and I always smile when I see you…It makes my heart happy to see you in such a loving home….. <3


  24. Oh Fernando you sweet little old man. You are such a smart dressed little dog I started singing Smart Dressed Man by ZZ Tops have mom sing it to you. Every girls crazy for a smart dressed man (dog) My little rescue Bella said we will send you a card and Happy Gotcha Day. Bella wants to know if you have a girl friend she is available.

  25. Oh Fernando. I meet you in June. You are such a handsome guy. You gave me a little kiss. You will always have a special place in my heart. Have a great gotcha day. Always remember love like Harley. Thanks for being so loving.

  26. Fernando – handsomeness comes from within for me and means bravery , a good heart , helping others and giving love. That would make you one of the most handsome guy , especially with your awesome tie !! You inspire me !

  27. Fernando you are so handsome. I love the tie.
    Angel and I will send a card with some $ so you can help Harley’s Dream come true. I hope you don’t mind it will be a little late, I have been out of town and won’t get home until your Gotcha Day. But we will put in the mail so you get it just a few days late.
    Love you lots. Give kisses to Mom and Dad for me.

  28. Fernando you are very handsome… Hope you have the best Gotcha Day ever…

  29. I think you are the most beautiful flower in the garden. My Herbie used to bite me almost every day after went, deaf, blind and then had dementia and I still loved him just as your mom and dad love you. I am sure they treasure every kiss you give them. Thanks for continuing the fight to end puppy mills.

  30. Nando you are very adorable. I love you. You are part of the Taylor family!! I love Harley still!! Although Winston was only with your family a short while, I loved him also. You are very Special Fernando!! You had a very bad start in life. I’m so sorry about that. You are with a loving Mom & Dad now. You couldn’t have better parents if you tried. Have a Happy Gotcha Day Nando!! You are Pawsome!! ❤❤❤

  31. Look for our card around your Birthday! You’re a very sweet and brave boy. We’ll call those bites “Love Bites”. Love your collar and tie; you’re so handsome. We miss Harley and are thrilled you’re carrying on his legacy. So very proud of you.

    Love, Elaine, Noel (Lab) & Odie (rescue-mix)

  32. Happy 1st Gotcha Day, you handsome devil !! Wishing you many more ! Just put your card with a small gift i the mail !!

  33. Happy belated Gotcha day! You are soooo handsome in that tie! Love all the pictures.

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