A Tribute to Lolo

How can I possibly do justice to the place that Lolo held in our family – to what she meant to all of us, and especially to one little girl? I don’t know that I can, but I must try, because she was truly a miracle with paws.

Lolo was our granddog, and she just passed away at 17 years old. Her age alone speaks volumes for the strength, resilience and sense of purpose that resided within this beautiful, amazing dog. She was tremendously special to our entire family, but in particular, she was Anna’s “heart” dog.

When Lolo was an old girl, she was dumped at the shelter by her then-owner. That was over 4 years ago. Our daughter, Samantha, had gone to the shelter along with her 3 children just to visit and, perhaps, to walk a dog. They weren’t looking to adopt, but their hearts were sad because they had recently lost their beloved Border Collie, Mozart. Samantha asked the shelter staff, “show me your most unadoptable dog” … and that’s when the world changed for Lolo and her soon-to-be forever family.

The bond was immediate and without question. It was as though everything in Lolo’s life was predestined to lead to this moment. Samantha and her children were not leaving the shelter without Lolo, and Lolo instantly became a beloved and cherished member of their family.

When Samantha passed away two and a half years ago, Lolo wasn’t well; she had cancer and we assumed she, too, would soon pass. We worried – the kids needed Lolo desperately. But Lolo knew her job was far from finished and that she was needed … it was for this that she had been saved, for this that her life’s mission was ultimately coming to fruition. Despite the cancer – let alone all the common aliments that senior dogs develop – she hung in there and rebounded. She remained always loyal … and always by Anna’s side, helping her through an unthinkable loss.

Writing this isn’t easy (for many reasons). We have dreaded this time, and it has come. Lolo has gone on to be with Samantha, and we have no doubt that they are together once again. We are grateful for the photos that will forever preserve her memory in our hearts and minds, and for the undying love and devotion she gave to all of us, especially Anna.

In celebration of a very special life, I leave you with some of my favorite photos of Lolo with her beloved Anna. A stronger bond between a girl and her dog cannot be imagined. Run free, Lolo. You are loved and missed beyond words, but we know where you are and who you are with, and that brings a smile to our faces.

Sympathy cards can be sent to Anna at:
Anna c/o Harley’s Dream
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  1. What a beautiful girl. And how lucky to end up in such a great home. I know that even though she has her angel wings, she’ll still be right there with you to make sure her family is all right

    • What a beautiful baby..made me cry..God Bless all of you. We have a baby who is 14 pray for her. We Love her so very much her name is Munchie.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I remember Harley’s post about Samantha’s passing. Thank you for reminding us how wonderful senior dogs are. I would not hesitate to adopt one too.

  3. I met this beautiful old lady last year at Hops and Harley. Anna was walking her. Lolo wore her heart in her eyes. The bond between the two was beautiful. RIP Lolo

  4. ((hugs)) Sending you all much love during this heartbreaking time, which is unfortunately all too familiar for those of us who love our animals so. There will never be another Lolo, but there will be others that spark our hearts to love beyond what we knew was capable. May that new love come sooner than later. xxoo Donali

  5. I think of Sam often, and I also think about Anna and Lolo and how great it is for Anna to have the comfort from Lolo. I am so sorry to hear of sweet Lolo’s passing, and I pray for Anna’s poor broken heart. She has known a lot of heartbreak for such a young girl, but I know she will be okay with love of her family and all the precious dogs that are, and will be, in her life. That was a beautiful tribute to Lolo, and I do believe Sam was her angel, and she returned the favor by being Anna’s. God bless your beautiful loving family.

  6. ..
    Rest forever softly in the stars, precious angel LOLO..♥♥

    You are such a treasure..

    I love you..
    just from reading about you..
    and all the love you radiated and gave in your life..

    I hold your story in my heart..
    and feel fortunate to *know* you even if just from these beautiful words ♥♥

  7. Dear Anna, so sorry for your loss of Lola. She’s in heaven with Sam.

  8. Anna, I am so sorry for your loss of beautiful Lolo. What a lucky dog to have found someone as special as you. Sending love and hugs to you. ♡♡
    Bridget, Steve, Eleanor, Miss Billy, Sissy, and Baxter

  9. Run fast and free at the Rainbow Bridge sweet Lolo. So sorry for your family’s loss. <3

  10. God bless you Lolo and may your family be comforted by the fact you loved them as much as they love you. You were a beautiful fur baby.

  11. We were so pleased that we had chance to meet Lolo and spent sometime with her and Anna.
    She was quiet warm hearted girl.
    There is a photo of Lolo with Birthday hat when she sat with us all day celebrated our Clyde’s birthday.
    Since then Clyde Mom Mindy also passed.
    But our hearts are in ease.
    There is Samantha who will be caring all of them until we get there.
    See you all later…❤️❤️❤️🐾🐾🐾🙏🙏🙏

  12. So much loss for such a young girl, but she was lucky to have all that love. I am so very sorry for your buddy’s passing, be strong, young Anna. Best wishes for all the family. Love to all.

  13. Anna I know your Heart is broken into a million pieces and no words can ease the pain that is in your Heart .. Lolo will always be watching over you and guiding you through out your life. Lolo Love and Memories will live in your Heart forever until you can be together for all Eternity. What Beautiful pictures of Lolo, Anna and Sam❤️ I know how hard this must have been for you to write this tribute. Peace and Love to Anna and all of her family

  14. Dear Rudi, I know Sam was your daughter, I am friends with her sister on Facebook. What a touching story, you and your family have been through so much I just want to express my sympathy to you and your family. Your daughter misses her sister so much she said they were like peanut butter and jelly, I know why you do what you do and having so many people depending on you. You are a very kind loving mom, wife, grandma, and friend. My prayers are with your family. Love, Mary Ann.🙏🏼🐶❤️

  15. Very hard to find the words to try to comfort Anna, and you, too Rudi, at this time. All of us who love animals know this time will come but we’re never ready. I believe Anna and Lolo were brought together for a reason, so Anna would have someone to cling to when her Mom passed. Now Anna’s heart is broken again but I hope at some point, the family might be ready to give “the most unadoptable dog” in the shelter the love they gave to sweet Lolo. Safe journey, Lolo, you were a good girl and you did your job. <3

  16. I’m deeply sorry for your loss, it’s always so hard to say good-by to our fur babies. My ET was 17 when he passed away right here at home and then, Lucy, my yorkie, passed away when she was 19. I now have 2 rescues, Sam, who is 13 and Zoey, who is 8. I don’t know what I’d do without my babies, they bring so much joy. Lolo was a beautiful girl and Anna is pretty cute herself! Hugs to you both.

  17. Such an amazing story. God bless all of your family. I’m so glad that Lolo had all of you. I can’t imagine all of your loss and how much your heart must hurt. Run free Lolo and fly with the angels precious.

  18. Anna, I am so sorry for your loss. I met Lola last year at Hops & Harley. What a sweetie and such a beautiful girl. Thank you for rescuing her, Anna, and loving her. Hugs!!

  19. Anna, I am so sorry about your very Special Lolo going to the Rainbow Bridge. He loved you very much. I know you loved him very much. Lolo was a beautiful boy. I bet you had a lot of great times together. Your memories of LOLO Will be with you always. I’m so very sorry about his passing away. He was a great dog you’ll never stop loving or forget!! Bless you Anna. Be strong. ❤🌈

  20. And so “show me your most unadoptable dog” became the path for her life’s purpose. What a wonderful tribute to the life saved and so well lived. I am so very sorry for your loss and Anna’s loss. Thank you for sharing Lolo with us all.

  21. So sorry for your loss of Lolo, Anna. Forever is never long enough when you lose someone you love. Remember she knew your love. Rest well now, Lolo XO ❤

  22. A dear friend of mine once comforted me with very heartwarming words when I lost a very close loved one. She told me that our grief is repayment for a lifetime of wonderful memories. Lolo may have only been with your family and her special girl, Anna, for 4 years, but it’s very evident that Lolo and Anna adored one another with their whole hearts, and Lolo left her family with several lifetimes’ worth of treasures and fondness. Lolo and Anna were purposefully brought together 4 years ago. And I believe it’s never goodbye. Only until we meet again… in Anna’s case, many, many, MANY years from now…and such a special relationship is bound to meaningfully guide her journey through life. May light, love and peace be constant companions, and your family are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Your tribute was beautiful.

  23. What A Beautiful Dog & Such A Loving Family! Memories & Pictures Are Cherished Items & Will Help Ease The Loss Of This Special Girl! Run Free Lola!! Prayers & Love Sent To All!!

  24. This is a sad and beautiful experience that has brought me to tears. Finding her at that time was meant to be. So sorry for your loss💔

  25. I am so very sorry for your losses. She is a beautiful dog! Animals are so important in our lives and God knew they would be. What a blessing!!! I love the picture with Harley!

  26. This true story reached deep into my heart. Its a story of love and syrngth. So inspiring. I wish that the world had more people like this—- that inspire others to do good things. Thank you for sharing this story. ❤❤❤❤

  27. This true story reached deep into my heart. Its a story of love and strength. So inspiring. I wish that the world had more people like this—- that inspire others to do good things. Thank you for sharing this story. ❤❤❤❤

  28. I am just now reading that Beautiful Lolo has passed. I am so sorry for all of your loss. What a determined pup, staying to be by her beloved Anna and get her through such a difficult time. God bless you Anna and all. Lolo will always be with you and loving you.💞💞

  29. Isn’t it wonderful that someone’s trash can be your greatest treasure on Earth? I always thought I would never take in an old Dog, I was selfish and wanted one who can give more than a few years to my life. I was proven wrong to think that way
    Run Free up there at the Bridge Lolo, you were Loved 💔

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