Protesting for Change

Keri Michel protesting in front of The Puppy Experience in Aquebogue, NY.

We strongly believe it will take huge numbers of passionate and dedicated people to bring an end to the cruel puppy mill industry … and when that happens, Keri Michel will be one of many that we will owe thanks to. Yesterday, our Harley’s Hero Keri, along with the organization she volunteers with, Puppy Mill Free Long Island NY, protested in front of The Puppy Experience in Aquebogue, NY. This store is known for selling puppies whose parents are suffering in mills.

Protesting pet stores that sell puppies is an effective way to raise public awareness about the the horrors of the commercial dog breeding industry. This action encourages people who are driving by to question what is happening in their community.

“After I first learned about Puppy Mills three years ago and how hundreds of thousands of dogs were suffering everyday, I became inspired to bring awareness and educate consumers while helping fight for better legislation to protect these animals. It’s very rewarding to be a part of saving animals’ lives and helping people acquire pets humanely and ethically.” -Keri Michel

Watch a news interview with Keri: Protest Held To Raise Awareness About Puppy Mills
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Volunteers of Puppy Mill Free Long Island NY protesting to spread awareness.
Keri Michel and her handsome boy, Bruno!


  1. You go Keri!! All puppy Mills need shut down!! The dogs suffer horribly. Pet stores need to start using dogs from shelters!! I’m behind anyone trying to get these horror mills closed forever!!

  2. Great job Keri. You do a brilliant job educating the public about puppy mills. These poor dog parents are suffering day in and day out while puppies are being bought and sold.
    Thank you for all you do ❤️

  3. Great job! Way to go! Together we can shut down the horrible puppy mill industry!

  4. I’m against all puppy mills and the horror that these poor animals endure. I will not buy from pet stores. I do not buy from breeders. I rescue and adopt because there are so many sweet babies just wanting to be loved. The sad thing is, the breeders and mills are steadily producing more for all of us to rescue. Shame on them. Shut them down!!

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