931 Rocks – Harley’s Dream

During Hops & Harley recently, people were finding cute little handpainted rocks just like the one pictured here… and what a lovely surprise it was! We did some research and learned that “931 Rocks” is a movement out of Tennessee that encourages kindness and the spreading of joy through hidden painted rocks, one rock at a time. A couple wonderful women traveled all the way from Tennessee to attend Hops & Harley and we’re pretty sure they had something to do with these inspirational little rocks … THANK YOU Allison and Angel!

931 Rocks even has a Facebook page! www.facebook.com/931rocks



  1. I’m so glad you’re still accepting more rocks for Harley’s Garden. It took me a while to find one, then I misplaced it. I just found it last week when clearing out my garage. I’ll be sending it along.
    Harley’s Dream is alive and well with me and my 2 furkids.


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