A Vote for Harley is a Vote for Puppy Mill Dogs

After Harley passed away I realized I needed to do something very serious to fight the puppy mill industry. Our work educating about puppy mills will continue, but I couldn’t put my focus into helping rescue dogs. I needed to get to the root of the problem. I needed to put all my energy into ending puppy mills. It is a fact that if puppy mills did not exist anymore there would be 75% fewer dogs in shelters and rescues. You have to realize the impact that would make!

So, I am asking for your help by making just one simple vote in the “Life is Short, Make a Splash” contest so we can win $10,000 to begin our campaign to spread puppy mill awareness to schools nationwide. The contest ends in just 2 days and currently we are about 5000 votes behind the leader. Please click here to vote! (instructions are below if you need them)

Thank you so much,

How to vote:
* Click the link
* Scroll down to click the vote button at the bottom
* Scroll back up to input your email (you can opt out of receiving emails)
* Then click the vote button again.
* Link tinyurl.com/vote-for-harleys-dream







  1. Hello. I’ve been wanting to make this comment for a long time since I first met Harley when he won an award on TV oh maybe two or three years ago. I rooted for him on that show to win and he did and I just voted here for him to win again. I rescued a couple of dogs in the past from puppy mills the last one was Baxter a little 6 lb male Yorkie who came out of a filthy horrific condition in Lebanon Missouri. I had been looking for a second Yorkie for my first one to have a companion for about three months and when I saw his face online there was no hesitation and I knew I wanted him so badly so I sent in my essay and four others did too but I won. He was the best thing for me and I wanted to make him just happy spoiled and content. He had no teeth, he was blind in one eye and acquired an ulcer in the other eye later and had protein issues which continued to empty my pockets at the vet. So well worth it. I would like to share the wonderful rescue group where I got Baxter and he was on death row to be killed cheaply as possible because he could not produce puppies anymore at his age of 10. The puppy mill he came from actually had a birth record on him and most of them don’t care. The rescue group is called National Mill dog rescue from Colorado Springs Colorado and they take their Vans to these filthy rural places usually in the Midwest, drive up and say ‘you got anything for us today?’ And they rescued Baxter and he had a wonderful spoiled life for over 6 yrs! Sadly with all of his protein issues and anemia he had to go to sleep March 25th 2016 and I still miss him desperately. He was just so amazing after going through that disgusting daily torture for 10 years! Imagine living in a cage not even touching the grass and no socialization with humans only to be grabbed from 1 cage to be put in the breeding cage over and over and over. These places MUST be shut down for good. We love you Harley and you and Baxter are playing together in heaven now.

  2. I vote every day! Since Iowa is 2nd in the nation for puppy mills I will be bombarding our legislators to shut them all down when they return in 2018! Love sweet little Harley, so glad he found Jeane for his forever, loving home!

  3. Voted first thing this morning using Fernando’s post and shared!!

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