From Puppy Mill to Painter – Art by Teddy

Teddy has been a very busy little guy! We’re so excited to announce his new collection of paw print art that will soon be available to purchase as prints, note cards and on canvas bags. Teddy’s collection will make its debut at Hops & Harley in Berthoud, Colorado on June 24th.

Included in the collection are 4 different paintings and Teddy explains each one to us:

Harley Flowers “Sunflowers make me think of my best buddy, Harley. He loved flowers and he loved the sun. I painted these flowers especially for him.” -Teddy

Free To Be Loved“One of the best things about living outside of the puppy mill is the freedom to be loved… and to love.” -Teddy

To See The Sky Is To Touch a Dream“Harley’s dad wrote this. I know what it means to see the sky and because of that, I have touched a dream … Harley’s Dream.” -Teddy

Somewhere Over The Rainbow“I painted this to honor those who have traveled over the Rainbow Bridge, but especially for my soulmate Gwinne, and my best buddy Harley.” -Teddy

We hope to have Teddy’s latest collection available for online purchase in the near future!

Be sure to follow Teddy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where, when he’s not busy painting, he spends much of his time educating people about puppy mills!







  1. Way to go my Prince Teddy, I love them all & the meanings why. I miss my Katie Girl, Harley & Guinnie too. We will be able to buy them soon I hope…..Keep up the great Art work. Love you so much. Miss the ones we have lost. Hope ur doing well, have you heard any word from your labs yet ??? Love Roxanne 👍💕💖💋💤👒🌛💝🐶🐕🐾…..

  2. <3 <3 <3 What a wonderful way to honor Harley's legacy! I love the pawprint paintings….absolutely precious…. <3

  3. Teddy is a very talented artist. I would be very honored and humbled to own one of his most coveted paintings as they make its debut at this year’s Hops and Harley on June 24 in Berthoud, Colorado.
    Thank you Teddy for being such a great inspiration to all of us and holding a big and important job that Harley bestowed upon you as #HarleysDreamKeeper

  4. LOVE Teddy and his commitment to Harley’s dream and an end to puppy mills. I look forward to purchasing one of his masterpieces!

  5. This is such an inspired idea. Teddy’s talent is clear and it warms my heart that he is expressing himself in such positive ways considering all he’s been through. I’m sure that demand for his creations will only grow in time. I wish I knew someone with a major news outlet to get this out to everyone!

  6. These are beautiful Teddy!!!!! I can’t wait to order something. You are amazing Teddy and very talented! !!!!

  7. Teddy, you do beautiful work! You are quite the artist! Love them and you!

  8. Teddy, you are quit the painter, love your paintings. You are adorable in your red beret!

  9. I love the SunFlowers picture! I live in NY; I want to buy it!! I’m serious!!

  10. Teddy, you are an inspiration to me and many others. I love your art; tried to win one during the auction, awhile back, but it got too pricey for my budget. I will be following here on-line and try to score on one of your new beautiful paintings. (I’m voting every day).

  11. I just luv your art Teddy and was very sad when I missed out on yor original paintings. But can’t wait for your new paintings to become available xxx

  12. Hi Teddy,
    I love your work and the photo in your official painter’s outfit, you look awesome!
    Ann and Angel

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