A request from Fernando

“Hi friends. We need to talk. I have a request, and it’s an important one. It’s about a contest that is worth $10,000 to Harley’s Dream. I watch my Mom and Dad talking about it and I can see how important it is to them … and if it’s important to them, then it’s REALLY important to me. You see, they have a plan for that money and it’s a good one. They want to produce a coloring/activity book that will educate kids all over the country about horrible puppy mills. The book will include Harley & Teddy’s story and (as long as I’m a good boy) I get to be in the book too! BUT… first things first. We gotta win this thing. Currently we need a few thousand votes just to catch up with the leader. And then I need you to vote once a day til the end of this month. Please, can I have your vote?” Love, Fernando

Here’s how to vote:
* Click the link
* Scroll down to click the vote button at the bottom
* Scroll back up to input your name/email (you can opt out of receiving emails). Then click the vote button again.

Link: tinyurl.com/vote-for-harleys-dream

“One more thing… I want to share with you one of Harley’s very important messages … if puppy mills didn’t exist, there would be 75% less dogs in shelters and rescues. Please think about that.” -Fernando



  1. I would love to vote for you, but I am not on Facebook, any other social media? I am on Twitter.

  2. I’ve been voting every day Fernando.. I can’t believe Harley’s Dream is not in 1st place.. I have been sharing everyday on my FB page

  3. Thanks Fernando I have been voting everyday I really know how much this means to mom and dad. I want to help so I have voted everyday. Tell mom and dad don’t worry we got this love ya

  4. Don’t worry Fernando–I’ve been voting everyday. I get a reminder sent everyday!
    Got it covered for Harley’s Dream!

  5. Hi Sweet Fernando: I am proud and pleased to say I am voting every day and thanks for the reminders. We have our fingers and toes crossed and Pray for a win. Love to the family. ❤ Cheers from Canada.

  6. I will be glad to vote this month for such an important charity…. love Harley and Fernando!💕💕

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