National Water a (Harley) Flower Day

Today is “National Water a Flower Day”. Really! It’s a special day that is recognized on May 30th every year. It’s pretty self-explanatory …. you simply water a flower. Or, in this case, water a Harley flower!

We have a sweet story to share with you today. It was written by one of Harley’s “furry” friends, with a little help from her mom, on (what would have been) Harley’s 16th birthday earlier this year.

“Dear Harley,

I miss you so very much. I think of you every day and thank God for you every day. Without you, I would not be alive. To me, you are my heart and soul, my everything. You weren’t just a little pup with one eye. Perhaps, in the early days, many might have seen you as just that, a little pup. But you, my sweet friend, were sent to your mommy and daddy to help us all. You are one of God’s angels and proof that angels come in more forms than just human. You were needed back in Heaven, which is very hard for us to accept, but knowing you are ALWAYS watching over us and giving us signs is a great comfort. Just think what you did for us all in your 5 short years of freedom. You not only saved thousands of dogs, but you have educated the world on the plight of those pups still imprisoned in puppy mills. You have brought strangers together … people from all corners of the world … who are now friends and working together, instead of against each other. You, my Hero, have made a difference in our world … a huge, positive and joyful difference. And now, we all stand together – human and animal – to honor your memory, to continue your mission and to hopefully one day soon, to fulfill your dream of putting an end to puppy mills.

Mommy planted some sunflower seeds on your 16th birthday. Your mommy chose a perfect flower to symbolize you. Harley, my sweet Harley, you are always in my thoughts and forever in my heart. Thank you for watching over us all.

With love, always and forever,
Josie Greco and Mommy”

Josie spent the first 9 years of her life living in a small cage in a puppy mill before being rescued by her hero, Harley! She continues his work to educate people about puppy mills. Please be sure to follow Josie on her Facebook page.

The photos below show Josie’s Harley flowers today!

Josie and Harley, February 2016





  1. <3 I'm planting a whole row of "Harley's Flowers" today…. You continue to touch hearts and lives sweet Harley…. <3

  2. Today in Harley’s name I watered my beautiful orange mum plant in the backyard. Harley was such an inspiration, every time I see his picture my heart takes an extra beat! I’ve been trying to get our legislators in Iowa to get rid of puppy mills, we have over 250 of them and they need to go. The bill wasn’t passed in 2017 I’m praying it will be passed in 2018!

  3. Josie, thank you for your lovely letter. I know Harley loved it. I was so glad to meet in at the meet and greet in February this year. Stay well little girl and give your momma a kiss from me.💗

  4. I will never understand the cruelty of humanity, but I am very glad that those of us who actually care will never give up on the mission. Every animal deserves “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Thank you, Josie!

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