A Sunflower Bow Tie for a Puppy Mill Dog

We often receive messages from friends and supporters of Harley and many touch our hearts deeply. Below is the story of a very special (and lucky) little dog named Kody which was shared by his mom. Kody won the sunflower bow tie in the our recent Harley’s Dream Auction. What a handsome boy!

“I have a very special little man in my life which came about because of Harley and his entire pack. I went to PetSmart to get treats for the rest of my pack 2 years ago and for some unknown reason I ended up in their adoption area and left with my Kody. Poor little man had been a puppy mill survivor and had some horrible injury that the people who turned him in to the local shelter said was due to being hit by a car, butyou could tell he was kicked over and over for no reason other than he was 12 years old and no longer needed. The shelter actually had a record on him that dated back to 2005 when these people had brought in a litter to get vaccinations and the good people at the shelter made notes that they all suspected the humans were puppy mill owners and needed paperwork so they could sell the puppies for a higher price. That day when Kody and I found each other will always be one of those memories that makes me cry for joy , but for also the heart break for all the abuse he went through. Three major surgeries by the Idaho Humane Society and a loving foster home and just plain fate brought this sweet man into my life. But if it hadn’t been for Harley and the gang I would have not known about the horrible lives these poor pups have to go through. Thank you so much for everything you do and keep up the great work!” -Jill







  1. Such a beautiful story for such a special little Kody. Early years were sad but now Kody, thanks to a loving human and the work of Harley Kody is now a special spokes dog for all of us.

  2. All I can say I enjoy the blog and the tie, the tie is just so adorable….thanks for sharing

  3. A loving and sweet story with a sad beginning fir this little guy. Thank goodness for happy endings. So we keep up the fight.

  4. Kody’s story inspires me to work even harder to end the scourge of puppy mills and irresponsible breeding. God bless Kody and the people with helped him and who love him.

  5. ..
    what a treasure precious KODY is ♥♥
    my heart sings that brave hero HARLEY was able to save this angel too ♥♥

  6. Jill, I’m just sobbing as I read your story. How could anyone be so cruel to abuse a dog like that? I thank God for all those who stepped in to save Kody’s Life. At last he will know love until it’s his time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Jill thank you for sharing this story with us. We must all work as hard as we can to rid the country and the world of Puppy Mills!

  7. God bless you for adopting and not shopping. And thank you so very very very very much for sharing this beautiful story we can all be part of #Harleysdream

  8. The cruelty of some people makes me want to cry. My heart hurts for this baby for all he went through. Thank you for taking him in and loving on him.

  9. Thank God that Kody found you, Jill! Thank you for rescuing him, and for giving him all the love that his heart can hold, and then some! I will always love (and miss) Harley, too….he taught me a great deal about those evil puppy mills…God bless you!! ox Jane D.

  10. Thank you so much for saving Kody. What a handsome little boy he is. We have a lot to thank Harley for.

  11. Thank you for sharing Kody’s story. What a handsome little man! The bow tie is perfect for him!

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