Miss Pickles, Pretty in Polkadots

“I have a new friend and her name is Princess Ava Bisou. I met her last weekend during my trip to Arizona. Ava is very beautiful. She wears really fancy dresses. I was only wearing my dinosaur harness when we met.  I think Ava noticed that because she surprised me with a fancy dress of my own! I feel pretty. Thank you, Ava!” -Love, Miss Pickles

Pictured below is Miss Pickles along with Princess Ava Bisou and her mom Sonnie, during the recent Phoenix Pet Expo. Ava is a puppy mill survivor. She and her mom work hard being a voice for the hundreds of thousands of breeding dogs suffering in puppy mills today. Please support their efforts by following Ava on her facebook page: www.facebook.com/PuppyMillSurvivor

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  1. Miss Pickles??? Miss Pickles??? Is that really you?? Or is that Marilyn Monroe? You sure look like a movie star!!!!

  2. You look very pretty in your new dress! You’re lucky to have such a good friend.

  3. I love it!!! (And I L❤️VE Miss Pickles!) I didn’t know it was going to be Miss Pickles 1st dress when I bought it. I just wanted to give her a little gift! I’m so glad she likes it!! 💕🐾💕🐾💕

  4. Aw, how pretty you look in your new dress! But the dinosaur harness is a great casual look for everyday 😘

  5. How precious you look sweet girl! Love your new dress! I also loved your dinosaur harness. You look good in anything ! 💕

  6. Miss Pickles, your dress is beautiful and u look so glamorous.. u r beautiful..I love that dress.

  7. you are very pretty Miss Pickles and it was nice of Princess Ava Bisou to send you such a fine dress.

  8. How beautiful! Ms. Pickles, you are adorable! Love you! ❤️🐾🐶

  9. Miss Pickles you are beautiful no matter what you wear, love you and Harley, always!

  10. Miss Pickles, you and your new friend Ava are adorable and deserve the best of everything–Love you bunches

  11. What a beautiful dress Miss Pickles you look Devine …That was very sweet of Miss Ava

  12. Little Ava Bisou lives in Michigan?
    How wonderful for her to import a pretty dress for Little Miss P.

  13. Oh Miss Pickles you look so pretty in your polka dot dress! You are a pretty little girl no matter! That was so nice of Princess Ava!

  14. Ohhhhh… You’re so beautiful Miss Pickles. I love your new beautiful polkadots dress. I can’t wait to meet you and take lots pictures with you in June when I visit Berthoud for your brother’s, Hops and Harley.
    Love you, Miss Pickles .

  15. What a beautiful story and pictures. You look so very beautiful Miss Pickles, either way you dress😘😘❤

  16. What a beautiful new little friend, Ms Pickles, hope you had alot of fun, and I sure do love your polka dots tooo!!! 🌞💗🐶

  17. You look beautiful Miss Pickles and that was so sweet of Ava to get you a pretty dress to wear

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