Miss Pickles and her New Blanket

A group of wonderful ladies who call themselves the “Fur Angels Blessing Blanketeers” (aka FABB) sent the most beautiful blanket to Miss Pickles. The blanket is soft and warm and Miss Pickles spends a majority of her time wrapped in it, sitting on it or burrowed underneath it …. she loves it! It might be, perhaps, the first blanket 12-year-old Miss Pickles ever owned. She’s a lucky little girl and she has flourished thanks to the love and support she’s received from so many people.

It was 6 weeks ago that Miss Pickles was diagnosed with “Chiari-like malformation” which is a condition characterized by the mismatch of size between the brain and the skull. The skull is too small, causing part of the brain to descend out of the skull through the opening at its base, crowding the spinal cord. Because of this she has has developed Syringomyelia, a disease of the spinal cord which is caused by the obstruction of spinal fluid in the nervous system. High pressure in the spinal cord – compared to low pressure outside – leads to fluid accumulation which eventually forms cavities.

Besides the disease mentioned above, Miss Pickles also has “Multifocal intervertebral disc disease” and, in her case, 2 cervical discs have ruptured.

Dr. Amy Komitor, Neurology Specialist at VCA Veterinary Specialists has been caring for Miss Pickles. Her approach was to manage the pain aggressively. Miss Pickles was put on 3 different pain medications, and she was also given a drug which is known to reduce the amount of spinal fluid, thus lessening the pressure. In addition, her activity is very restricted. Fortunately, Miss Pickles has responded positively and she is doing quite well. She is happy and content and enjoying her new life! This is especially amazing because, weeks ago, we worried that she would might have to be helped to the Rainbow Bridge. The love and prayers of so many people, combined with excellent medical care, have given this adorable little girl another chance at life.

Moving forward, Miss Pickles will remain on the 4 medications mentioned above, plus an antihistamine she gets twice a day. Her activity will always be restricted, which she has no issues with. In about 10 days we will reduce one of the drugs she’s been taking (a synthetic morphine called Buprenorphine) by 50%. We also hope to start Miss Pickles on regular acupuncture treatments soon.

We are so incredibly grateful for the donations that have been sent to help with Miss Pickles’ medical expenses; they are very much appreciated. Your help is what makes it possible for us to even consider helping another senior dog in the future. Donations are still being accepted and can be made directly to VCA Veterinary Specialists of Northern Colorado by calling them at 970-278-0668 (please mention that your donation should be applied to the account of Miss Pickles Taylor). If you prefer, a check can be mailed to: VCA of Northern Colorado, 201 West 67th Court, Loveland, CO 80538. (Be sure to note on your check that your donation is to be applied to the account of Miss Pickles Taylor).

Again, our deepest gratitude to everyone who has donated toward her care, kept Miss Pickles in their thoughts and prayers, and/or expressed your well wishes. We are so very thankful to all of you!

Be sure to check out the pictures below of Miss Pickles with her new blanket:

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  1. What a Beautiful Blanket and a Beautiful Lil’ Girl in her Blanket! ❤ Thank You Rudi for the update on Miss Pickles, what great news. So happy she is feeling better and doing good. Bless Her Lil Heart. ❤ Continuing Prayers as always. ❤


  2. Oh Rudi, she’s looking well. I’m so glad to hear her health is improving. The power of prayer is amazing. It’s wonderful to see so many people helping her. Thank you for the lovely photos of your sweet girl.💗💗💗


  3. SO glad to hear she’s doing well! While I love the whole Taylor clan, Miss Pickles holds a special place in my heart. Love seeing her photos and knowing she’s feeling good.


  4. Miss Pickles is a most precious little girl. She is incredibly lucky to be with the loving “Taylor family” and surrounded by all her siblings. I always include each of you in my daily prayers. May you continue to do well, sweetie. You look so lovely in the photos and your new blanket is beautiful. Sending lots of love! 💞😘💞😘


  5. This sounds like the same problem our Binky had, it was described the same way but Purdue University animal hospital called it COMS. The medication he is on has done a very good job of keeping him walking. I hope Miss Pickles has the same experience!


  6. Glad Miss Pickles is feeling better. Her new blanket is gorgeous and fits her well. Keep getting better Miss Pickles. I love u.


  7. Miss Pickles and Fernando make me smile. I am so glad that they both have you to love and care for them. My heart still aches for sweet Harley but I know he blesses everything you do. Much love!!


  8. I am so happy for Ms Pickles!! She is enjoying her special blanket and doing so well !! I will continue my Prayers for her and her family!! You Mom and Dad are the best!! Thanks for all you do for these dogs!!! I Love Ms Pickes with all my heart and soul !! ☺💌

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Miss Pickles is so adorable in her new blanket. So glad to hear that Miss Pickles is doing so much better!!


  10. I’m so glad she loves her blanket, I was happy to make it for her. Continued prayers for little Miss Pickles


  11. Continued prayers for Miss Pickles! A perfect blanket for her! Love from me & my “pack” from Southern California!


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