Art by Teddy

What inspired Teddy to take action against puppy mills and support his best buddy Harley through his art? We asked him!

“As most of you know I was always Harley’s best buddy and his team driver when we went on rescues. He led the way and I followed. This past year I’ve been a little lost trying to figure out my role in helping to fight puppy mills. Not only did I lose Harley, I also lost my Gwinnie and I’ve been having some health issues lately. I’ve never been a leader and was always most comfortable as the sidekick, the Robin to Harley’s Batman. And I’m just a little old Chihuahua, a puppy mill survivor with tiny paws and no thumbs. There’s not much I can do, right?

“But as I’ve always said ‘EVERYONE CAN DO SOMETHING’! So, with the help of Mom and some friends, I put paw to canvas and tried to create a few little pieces of artwork that I thought might possibly be liked enough to attract a few bids in the Harley’s Dream Auction.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the type of response that my little creative works are getting. The support is humbling and has inspired me SO very much! It proves to me that everyone can do something to help the puppy mill dogs, even a little old guy with no thumbs, like me.

“I’m now very committed, energized, and creatively inspired to do even more and I really hope Harley is proud of what I’m trying to do with my paw print painting.”

Love, Teddy  #HarleysDreamKeeper

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Some of Teddy’s artwork is pictured below. You can see more in our “Harley’s Dream Auction – Bidding for Change” which is currently open for online bidding! Check it out at these links:










  1. Teddy – only you could have thought up such a fantastic idea as this – simples – you are a genius! Your pawtings are fabulous and each one has so much meaning – I am determined to have one one my wall here in Liverpool UK. You are every inch a hero little man xxx

  2. Teddy, you should do more next time, and the news needs to do a big story on you, your paintings, (and puppy mills). I got outbid on the one I fell in love with, many times! And of course, I love you the most!

  3. You rock Teddy, thank you for all you do, and believe me you do a lot. Love your artwork, and your commitment to keep on keeping on. Love you… be well,,, see you in June,,, hugs

  4. Teddy, I am sure Harley is very proud of what your doing carrying on a mission you shared together. Your painting are beautiful.

  5. Teddy, I absolutely love them. And you, thumbs or no thumbs! These should be made into prints, cards, you name it! The possibilities are endless. I’ve been collecting Chihuahua paintings and things lately… I’d love to add some of your things to my collection. I wasn’t able to bid, but I’m happy these did so well and that a lot of money was raised! Love you Teddy… always. xoxo
    – Mansfield, Texas….

  6. Little paws can do so much: inspire, love, show kindness, wipe away tears, and so much more. You are no sidekick……YOU ARE A HERO!!!LOVE YOU TEDDY!!!💗💗💗🐕

  7. Teddy’s art is so beautiful and inspiring and I hope it raises a lot of money for Harley’s dream !! ❤️❤️

  8. I adore all your artwork and have bids on a few (unfortunately for me but not for the auction) and it seems indeed EVERYONE wants your amazing and special paintings. I started painting myself a few years ago (can’t compare to yours though) and I find it’s very good therapy! You’re a sweet boy, I’m sorry for your losses.

  9. Teddy you are more than a sidekick – we can all lead in our own way. Love your artwork and hope to make one my own

  10. This is such an inspired idea! I see that the bids for Teddy’s art in the auction are high and I could not be happier. I also see he inspired Miss Pickles to create her own art! These items truly are priceless and it just warms my heart to see them and to know how they were created.

  11. What a wonderful idea!! Teddy is truly leading on where Harley left off….and both of them have left tiny paw prints on our hearts… <3 <3 <3

  12. totally pawsome i love them so would Harley we are all proud of you Teddy and love you so much

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