About Harley’s Urn

The urn which contains Harley’s ashes was carved from the heart of the tree stump that Harley is sitting on in this picture. The tree was at least 200 years old and its stump became “Harley’s stump”. He sat on it many times, enjoying the mountain air.

“I felt it important to use the heart of Harley’s special tree stump. With no particular design in mind, the end result is what came naturally. I carved the ancient amber piece, which serves as a lid, to allow the sun to always shine through.” -Dan (Harley’s Dad)

The photos below show the urn, and also the tree trunk which is now very close to the ground. Dan carved the giant H (18″ tall) which is impressive in both summer and winter!

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  1. <3 Love Love Love!! How Special and so so BEAUTIFUL! You done an Awesome job, Dan! <3

  2. Finding it difficult to even comment, how very beautiful! I miss Harley so very much, but so very grateful you and Dan continue to share his legacy with us. So much love to little Harley and the Taylor’s! I only hope I could have a piece like this to forever treasure. 🐾🌻💛

  3. What a beautiful piece to honor a beautiful larger than life soul who touched so many.. thank you for allowing us to see this – god bless Harley .. ❤️❤️

  4. This is a great tribute to our larger than life tiny hero Harley. I can’t wait to see the teardrop and heart. What a treasure that will be for a lucky bidder. L♡VE LIKE HARLEY!

  5. Dear Dan, what a beautiful urn. You did Harley proud! He must be so happy to see what you did for him. I know you look forward to seeing him once again. Until then you have his precious earthly remains with you always. 💗

  6. That is beautiful and so special!!!!!! I will definitely be bidding on those! ♡♡♡♡

  7. OMG I really love that, it will be my most lovely treasure for ever, thank Dan for so much love to Harley but more important to share him with us, God bless you Taylor family our angel Harley learn how to love like you!! Now many pleople like me love like Harley which means love like you ❤️🌻

  8. I haven’t words yet again.
    Tears yes, for the exquisite bounty of love shared by and given to Harley. By the beauty that you Dan, Rudi create, bring.
    I am so frequently inspired and humbled by you both.


  9. That is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful idea that will last forever. Harley I am sure loves it. TY so much for sharing. He will always be remembered.

  10. Oh, this is VERY special! Dan, you are so very talented. Such exquisite wood working. I love the Amber and can just imagine the light reflecting through. Harley knows how much work you put into this beautiful piece for him. Thank you for sharing. ❤❤

  11. Beautiful, Dan. You are very talented. Harley’s urn shows how much love you put into it. Thank you to you and Rudi for continuing to share Harley with us.

  12. Wow! That is so beautiful.
    I feel the Love that cradles his little spirit and heart. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful expression of Love and how much he is Cherished. 💗

  13. What a beautiful story.
    Urn is so special!!!
    I need to create something special for Mindy and Kippy.
    Harley was no is very special for you and to all of us.
    Harley connected so many people which was so amazing.
    We are forever grateful for meeting this little dog with huge heart.
    Harley’s Dream will live forever and we will fight to end the Puppy Mills.
    Brick by Brick, Step by Step to make Harley’s Dream come true…❤❤❤🐾🐾🐾

  14. It is SO BEAUTIFUL!! Such deep & abiding love for Harley gentle, loving soul….
    Thank You for sharing Harley with us……

  15. Wow..just beautiful, touching and a wonderful tribute to Harley. Just absolutely gorgeous.

  16. Oh how beautiful! Makes me cry! What a tribute to a GREAT Hero! Dan, you and Rudi are so special. I hope to meet you. ❤️🐾🐶

  17. This literally took my breath away. What a beautiful tribute to the love you and Dan have for a little dog with a big dream. Always a reminder to Love like Harley <3

  18. Simply beautiful…I just wish I had the money to do this for my dog…thank you for sharing

  19. Just beautiful, Rudi…Dan is very talented. What a wonderful tribute to little Harley…I miss him…

  20. ..
    “And can it be in a world so full and busy
    the loss of one creature makes a void in any heart so wide and deep
    that nothing but the width and depth eternity can fill it up.!” ~ Charles Dickens

    You have touched this world so profoundly, precious HARLEY ..
    Now sleep forever softly in the next ♥ ♥

  21. That is absolutely beautiful and it brought tears to my eyes…so much love put into Harley’s earthly resting place… <3

  22. This is so Beautiful and priceless. One of a kind just as Harley will always be. Sending hugs to you, Rudi and Dan, for all the love you had with Harley and that you shared him with us.

  23. Just a beautiful tribute to Harley! You did a wonderful job Dan! I’m sure Harley loves it! He was such a special boy and deserved a special urn like this, so thank you for making it for him. We all loved him ,and you and Rudi so much for taking such good care of Harley ,and continuing to honor his memory every day!

  24. Priceless! Absolutely stunning Dan! Such a beautiful piece for such a special little dog. Harley’s name and spirit will live on forever. If all your love could have saved him – he would have lived forever!

  25. So beautiful! I enjoyed Harley and his life you shared with us. Thank you for continuing to share his memory with us. His urn and new home is beautiful. Forever in your heart.

  26. This is just beautiful! I wish that Harley was still with us. I’m sure he would be so happy of the urn you created for him. ❤❤❤

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