In Memory of Harley by Andrea Cunningham

Artwork by Ina Jack

In Memory of Harley

Harley went to Heaven,
But that’s not all there is.
He touched an awful lot of hearts,
With those small paws of his.

His story shared with many,
Tales of suffering and pain.
And how a little one-eyed dog,
Found love and life again.

That heartbreak had a purpose,
Only God and Harley knew.
Until his day of freedom came,
And a new job he would do.

He traveled like a rock star,
Meeting people far and wide,
With his earthly angel Rudi,
Always right there by his side.

Awards, applause and accolades,
Now helped his voice be heard.
And everyone whose path he crossed,
All helped to spread the word.

Yes, Harley’s gone to Heaven,
But his mission it would seem,
Has now been left to us to share,
His big heart and his dream.

Sleep softly, precious Harley.
We’ll take it now from here.
Your story will be told through us,
Although we’ll shed some tears.

The laughter we’ll remember too,
And all the joy you brought.
Those happy times were also,
Special lessons that you taught.

Until it’s time for us to join you,
One day up there in the sky,
We’ll continue on your fight, sweet boy.
Please tell God we said “Hi!”

by Andrea Cunningham © 2017







  1. This is such a beautiful and touching tribute to Harley. It brought tears to my eyes.

  2. What an awesome poem and such a beautiful picture. You have no idea the impact your life has had on all of us. Rest with the angels sweetboy.

  3. Oh Andrea, your poem has brought tears to my eyes. You captured Harley’s life so well. You have a wonderful way with words. Harley must be smiling up in Heaven. We will carry on Harley’s work. We will not let him down!
    Thank you for sharing Harley’s story in such a beautiful way.💗

  4. Andrea your poem is absolutely beautiful and Harley is doing a happy dance because of it.

  5. Thank you, everyone. It made me cry while writing it too! Still does. I’m so glad you enjoyed. It was an honor to memorialize such a special little soul. Harley’s Dream lives on in us! <3

  6. Andrea really great poem. I wish I could express all that Harley meant and still means to me in my life. #HarleysDream

  7. …and I’m sobbing…. Thank you for sharing that beautiful tribute to Harley…I wish everyone could have known Harley and been touched by him….Now, we just have to carry on the work of one, small, amazing dog… <3 <3 <3

  8. Oh wow, leaky eyes. This was beautiful. What a wonderful tribute to ‘our’ little Harley.

  9. This is the most beautiful poem I’ve ever read. Never had a chance to meet Harley but loved him like he was one of my own.

  10. What a beautiful poem. Now i am crying. My heart is also soft. Miss you Harley

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