It’s working! People are “Asking Harley”

Ask Harley what happened to his eye. This is the message that’s been appearing on billboards across the country over the past month and so far we feel it’s making quite a difference. But, from some of Harley’s supporters, there has been concern that we’re not putting out the right message, that we’re not “driving the puppy mill message home.” So, I’ll do my best to explain the reasoning behind Harley’s message.

In billboard advertising you only have a matter of seconds to get your message read. Eight words or less is best. A message that is a command (or a directive) tends to be most effective. And of course the picture must draw the eye, it needs to be something that people will notice.

“Ask Harley what happened to his eye” covers all the bases. The caption was developed after a lot of thought and professional advice.

  • Anyone who loves animals (and especially dogs) will be drawn to the billboard.
  • People wonder what happened to Harley’s eye, so they remember, jot down or text the website and they go there and become educated.
  • It’s a proven fact that graphic puppy mill images on billboards cause many people to avoid the sign altogether. A happy photo, such as that of Harley, encourages people to take notice.

How do we know it’s working? The week before the first billboard with this message went up, the hits to Harley’s website were a little more than 2,000 – but the week after, hits were over 19,000. That is HUGE! Every day we receive emails and messages (via all social media platforms) from people saying they just read Harley’s story. HARLEY’S MESSAGE IS EDUCATING PEOPLE … AND HIS VOICE IS BEING HEARD LOUDER THAN EVER!

Learn more about Harley’s billboard campaign, Signs from Harley.






  1. This is awesome… and I couldn’t agree more, the billboard design is direct, inviting, and makes you want to learn more. I can’t wait to get my new shirt and become a “walking billboard”! The message is being heard loud and clear. And that special boy is sitting at the rainbow bridge watching his legacy continue to change lives and hearts worldwide!

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  2. That is awesome! This is just the beginning!

    From a man with advertising and graphics experience, allow me to confirm that this is the right approach, especially for a billboard. Event booths are where one can indulge in information, and even then it must be succinct and inoffensive to the eye. Puppy mill stories are bad enough to create a visual impression that lasts. The message must match the medium. Rudi and Dan, you continue to amaze me!

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  3. Good psychology! Almost everyone loves dogs, and Harley’s picture is adorable – people WANT to look at it, and then find out his story. However, the same people might find it just too painful to look at a graphic picture showing the the horrors of puppy mills. This way they are encouraged to learn more. Good job!

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  4. You are doing a great job! I always jump at the opportunity to tell people about how Harley came to have only one eye. The reactions have always opened the door to more questions and outrage that this is standard practice in the puppy mill industry. It’s exactly what drew me to Harley. Love him, miss him. #HarleysDream ❤🐾

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  5. I’ve seen the “darker” themed boards before on this topic and also seen boards with just way too many words. This is a perfect way to get the attention of the public in a compelling way. Even if all they remember is the name “Harley,” they can do an internet search and find information about him and his mission. This is a wonderful way to bring more people to the subject in an inviting way which compels them to want to know more.

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  6. That is why I purchased my Harley tee shirt, market bag, business cards and immediately signed up for the monthly recurring contribution to get more billboards out there. These billboards are very effective. Please siign up and help make Harley’s goal. You won’t even miss $5 a month. Every individual effort makes a big difference. If just one precious soul is saved because of me, it is worth it. Harley was one of those precious souls and look what he has accomplished. Bless you Harley, Rudi and Dan.

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  7. I think it’s a good way to get the message out there. It catches attention and concern. And as you announced, it will get people to Harley’s cause.


  8. very happy that the project is creating lots of interest in #HarleysDream and educating people about puppy mills – so proud to be a part of this

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