The day before…

Harley was napping on my chest in this photo. It was taken exactly one year ago, the day before he passed away. The photo below was taken that same day, after Harley’s nap. I’ve looked at these photos at least 1000 times, trying desperately to recapture that moment and the feeling of having Harley in my arms and in my heart.

What has kept me going over the past year? It was Harley. Harley inspired me from the first day I met him. I could never quite explain it – and I still can’t, but I know there are many people, even some who have never personally met Harley, who understand. Harley fought to keep going with so many odds stacked up against him. If he could fight as hard as he did to make his life matter for something so much bigger than he, then it was my duty to continue his legacy. And YOU, Harley’s friends and fans … I drew strength from you. You inspired and encouraged me to keep going, and when I thought I could not keep going, you held me up and together we continued on. I thank you, Dan thanks you, and Harley thanks you. I know he is still with each and every one of us, and always will be. -Rudi (Harley’s mom)

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  1. I miss you every single day, Harley.
    Thank you for having me as one of your friends and Harley’s Dream Heroes.
    Love you always and forever🐶❤️❤️❤️☘️🌻

  2. That precious angel, he will always b missed, luv u sweet Harley 😇💖🐾🌟💞😘💐💐

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