The story behind Harley’s newest t-shirt design

When the great folks at FLOAT (For Love of all Things) contacted me with the idea of creating a t-shirt to help raise money for our “Signs from Harleybillboard campaign, it didn’t occur to me at the time that the wearers of these shirts would, in fact, become “walking billboards”.

After much thought (and a lot of emails back and forth), the “ASK ME about Puppy Mills” design was born – and the campaign is now LIVE!

In an attempt to make sure the billboard actually looked like a billboard on a shirt, we added some grass along the bottom and then decided to add a little silhouette of Harley looking up at the billboard … and then, of course … a silhouette of a sunflower as well. The addition of little Harley and the sunflower makes this design particularly dear to me.

Please consider ordering a t-shirt, tank top, hoodie or market bag and $8.00 from each item purchased will go to Harley’s Dream to help raise funds to purchase more puppy mill awareness billboards across the country. You may order here: (the shirts will be available through March 19th).

We think the design will really catch attention, and we are beyond excited about it! Can you imagine standing in line at the grocery store with everyone behind you reading the back of your shirt, “What is a puppy mill?” You will be educating people simply by wearing it! How cool is that?






  1. i think t hey hit the nail on the head with this one – I have a tank top coming and hope the shirt will boost our jar donations –

  2. Definitely a “conversation” walking billboards
    wherever you go. ❤🐶🌻

  3. Rudi, the design of the shirts are fantastic!!! I hope you carry plus sizes. I’ll be proud to wear one of these shirts.

  4. I just ordered my tee 👕 shirt & hoodie, cant wait till I get then so I can show my support against 🐕 puppy mills & show my love for our sweet Angel Harley & continue his Dream to end puppy mills forever…..

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