Harley’s Dream at the Strawberry Festival Parade

Harley’s Heroes of Valrico, Florida were busy spreading the message about Harley’s Dream recently during the Florida Strawberry Festival Parade (in Plant City, FL). This awesome group passed out almost 2000 puppy mill awareness flyers! A HUGE THANK YOU to Anne, Miryam, Manoka, Kelly, Joan, Charlene and Kerri! We are so proud of you!

Form a Harley’s Heroes group in your community and help make Harley’s dream come true. Learn more here: www.harleysdream.org/puppy-mill-action-awareness-project







  1. What a fantastic job Ladies! Bless you all for spreading the word about the horror’s of puppy mills! Education is the key! šŸ’—


  2. This is awesome! Seeing this parade with Harley at the helm has put a smile on my face for the day. So amazing that 2000 flyers were passed out to get the word out. #Harley’s Dream


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