This iGive thing is a pretty big deal!

“My mom registered with iGive and then made a purchase for some window blinds through and iGive donated $14.65 to Harley’s Dream!!  So that prompted me to write this short blog.” -Rudi

So many people shop online these days and this is such an easy way to support Harley’s Dream at no cost to you!

AND… during the month of March, if you sign up for iGive (and make an online purchase) they will donate an additional $5.00 to Harley’s Dream!

Over 1,700 stores are participating in this program, including: Walmart, JC Penneys, 1800PetMeds, Macy’s,, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lands End, Orvis….. and lots more.

To learn more and sign up, click here and follow the instructions:

Thank you so much. Together we are all making a difference for dogs living in puppy mills!








  1. I found out that even though I was already signed up for I wasn’t giving to Harley’s Dream and neither was my mom, so we changed ours to Harley’s Dream! you might want to check yours if you are already signed up.


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