Thank you for the Valentines

fernando-and-his-valentine-cards-1“I don’t think I’ve ever felt so humbled in my entire life … and I’m an old guy, so that’s saying a lot. I want you to know that I personally read each and every card and letter, and I looked at all the great pictures you sent me of your dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and guinea pigs. I rubbed my face in the furry cards, those were cool! I laughed at the funny cards and I danced to the musical ones. The handmade cards were pretty awesome and creative and I especially loved the card with my picture on it! And then there were so many drawings and so many cards from kids … I loved ’em lots. I’m so touched and honored and all sorts of things. Gosh. Thank you, everybody. I love you very much.” -Fernando

It’s true, Fernando had the BEST TIME EVER reading his Valentine cards … and Cricket, Stella, Riley, Olive and Miss Pickles loved theirs too! Many of you included donations to Harley’s Dream and we are so excited to announce that $8298.25 was raised! WOO HOO!! All that money is being applied to the billboard campaign, Signs from Harley.

Our family (and everyone at Harley’s Dream) thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts. <3




  1. Harley’s Dream forever ❤❤❤🐶🌻
    We love you, Fernando and the entire Taylor Pack❤❤❤. Your brother, Harley is smiling and very proud of you, Fernando representing this year’s Valentine’s card fundraising drive for Harley’s Dream billboards❤❤❤🐶

  2. You are so loved❤❤❤❤and the rest of the clan also thank you for keeping Harvey’s dream alive

  3. So happy and proud! Love you all! Fernando, you are a true gentleman! 😊😊

  4. Dear Rudi, I had tears running down my face as I read Fernando’s letter. I was so happy to know he enjoyed all the wonderful Valentine’s he and his sister’s received. To hear of all the love and kindness of other’s all brought together from a love of Harley! 💗 With Fernando at the helm Harley’s work rolls on!

  5. Ohhhhhhhh Fernando, you are such a sweet awesome boy, and your family loves you lots as do we all. So happy you had a swell Valentine’s day little buddy!!!!! Sending lots of love for all of you!! 🌈🕊️

  6. ..
    You deserved every one of them, sweet FERNANDO ♥
    You look so festive surrounded by all the Valentine *love.* ♥

    I donated an “online” Valentine in your name to Harleys Dream account ♥

    We who love you and Miss Pickles and precious angel Harley
    and all the dog *treasures* must do whatever we can to end the horror of puppy mills. ☺

    Je t’aime, handsome FERNANDO ♥

  7. Fernado what a wonderful job you did with the valentine’s – I hope you received ours –

  8. fernando, i am so happy that you enjoyed your cards, and the money that was raised, WOW!!! way to go!

  9. Fernando, so glad you had a great Valentines Day with all the cards and donations. You and the Taylor pack are so lucky to have a mom and dad who love and care for you. Thank you Rudi and Dan for all you do.💜💜💜💜

  10. That is just such wonderful news about the donations. I’m so happy you had so much love Fernando.

  11. Frenando, you are so cute, and that is such a sweet thank you. Your mom has taught you well. Hope you continue to feel better (and Miss Pickles and the others too).

    Katherine, Bill, Zoe and Happy

  12. We’re so proud of all of you! Never quit speaking out for those who have no voice of their own. Much love and respect from Westminster, Ca. 💛💚❤💜💙

  13. What an adorable post warmed my heart. So glad you and your sweet pack enjoyed your cards and collected funds for Harleys dream.
    Hope you and Miss Pickles are feeling better. Give Mom and Dad hugs and doggie kisses.

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