Miss Pickles, a special girl with special needs


Taking in senior dogs with special needs and giving them the love and care they previously lacked is extremely important to us. As so many of you know firsthand, it can also become very costly. Our veterinary expenses for Fernando, Winston (rest in peace, little one) and Miss Pickles have reached more $10,000 in the last 6 months. We have always managed to cover the costs personally; we have never asked for donations, and we prefer not to.

But in Harley’s honor, we find it important to be able to help senior dogs one at a time … we like to call it ‘Harley’s House of Hope’.

We have no answers yet regarding Miss Pickles’ condition but she will see Dr. Komitor, a neurology specialist on Monday. She will likely have an MRI and there is also the possibility of surgery. It’s most important to us that Miss Pickles is happy and comfortable.

Many of you had asked if you could help with medical bills and, after much soul-searching and dragging of the feet, we have decided to take you up on it … and we do so with tremendous gratitude. We have been reminded by good friends that by accepting donations, we will be able to help even more little ones who need us in the future – and we know that’s exactly what Harley would want us to do.

Donations toward Miss Pickles future medical bills can be made directly to VCA Veterinary Specialists of Northern Colorado by calling them directly at 970-278-0668 (mention that your donation should be applied to the account of Miss Pickles Taylor)

Or a check can be mailed to: VCA. 201 West 67th Court, Loveland, CO 80538 (be sure to note that your donation is to be applied to the account of Miss Pickles Taylor)

Please continue to keep little Miss Pickles in your thoughts and prayers. She suffered from so much neglect in the past and she deserves to have a future filled with nothing but kindness and love.

With gratitude, Dan and Rudi






  1. Hey Miss Pickles, I think u r adorable. I believe the donations will come flowing in. Ur mom and dad are the greatest. They will make sure u r alright. CONTINUE to believe all is well. I will keep u in my prayers. Love to u all..


  2. I love you Miss Pickles.I hope you’re feeling better Swwet girl. I will donate. Stay strong. ❤❤💐


  3. I will put another small check in mail tomorrow morning Dear Miss Pickles. So glad to see you are doing better and you are enjoying being spoiled by your Mom and Dad and everyone else around you. You deserve it !!! 💓💖💗


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