A Tribute from Harley’s Dad

harley-and-dad-dan-3Dear Harley,

I sure have been missing you snuggled up against me at night, even when you had to get your nose right up to mine. It was always a pleasure to indulge your insistent ways. You always made sure you got everything just how you wanted it. Even at the end it had to be your way. I’m so glad about that. I really want to thank you for helping me open my eyes to see there are so many good people in this world. It’s so easy to become blinded sometimes. You truly are a magical dog. I know you realize what a huge hole your passing left in my heart – because you always knew how much I loved you. I have, however, found something that really helps a lot. I think of you running full blast in perfect health without a care in the world and a silly smile on your face. This makes me happy.

Love Always,

(written 7 days after Harley passed away, March 27, 2016)

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This photo of Harley and his dad was taken the night before flying to Beverly Hills for the 2015 Hero Dog Awards. They were modeling their “outfits”.
Loving on Harley!
Harley and his dad during a road trip (camping trip) near Ouray, Colorado in 2015.


  1. We still miss him too. Every time i see his little face I wonder what he’s doing right now.

  2. Wow… leaky eyes, AGAIN. Dan, you and Rudi have such a way with words…. your love for Harley is expressed in all you say and what ya’ll continue to do everyday in his honor! We miss him so much, I can only imagine the void you guys feel… Thank you for sharing your boy with us… I love the thought of him running with his new body, and seeing all the beauty with both of his precious eyes…Love like Harley ❤❤❤

  3. Oh my…that one needed a ‘Tissue Warning” on it…. What a wonderful, loving, tribute to Harley, who brought so much light and love into the lives of everyone he met..online or in person…. <3 <3 <3

  4. I could always see how close the two of you were. A very special relationship to cherish! ❤. I am so thankful to have held him in my arms, as well!

  5. This makes me so sad. You loved him so, so much. We all did. We all miss him <3

  6. Next Month marks the one year anniversary of Harley’s passing. Get the tissues ready!! I love & miss Harley so much!! Have many great memories of him!! Bless you Harley!! You’ve taught us so much!! 😥❤❤❤👼

  7. What beautiful words to describe your feelings for Harley. What you wrote was so happy, yet so sad. And I have tears again.

  8. I’m so happy Harley spent his last wonderful years basking in your love!

  9. Wonderful! My Lumas says that Harley is getting workouts with him and all his new friends at the Rainbow Bridge….and so happy with two good eyes and even though he misses his family so much, he is happy and waiting to be reunited with you in the eternities. Such a great letter. I’m sure Harley knows and loves it.

  10. Ohhhh , I am crying so hard!!!! I know Harley feels the love all the way in heaven, because I could feel your love for Harley through this dumb little phone. Someday when he’s in your arms again, please give him a kiss for me.

  11. I think of you guys and Harley every day! I’m sure he’s running free without any limitations! Keep up the great work Rudi and Dan…you guys are quite the ambassadors! I look forward to seeing the billboard here in San Diego.

  12. I was so lucky to meet you both in Michigan. A special bond that time and space cannot break. Thank you for all you do to help other dogs that are in puppy mills. I know he is watching and in his own way smiling. <3

  13. Sobbing… the ugly cry😭 I wish I could have met Harley in person… I loved him so🌻

  14. That was a beautiful tribute to Harley. He is truly missed. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  15. He will always be with you in your heart. You gave him the best life and the most love a pup could ever wish for!
    Thank you for sharing your tribute.

  16. It saddens me to read that, but at the same time brings a smile to my face. He was one precious soul and had so much love in him. He sure is missed and I still gets teary-eyed reading some of the posts and stories about Harley💔💔

  17. To this day, when seeing or hearing about Harley, I still stop and think about how this little tiny dog who spent years living with abuse in deplorable conditions remained so mild mannered and sweet, living in a loving home and the guest of honor at a Beverly Hills award ceremony spreading his message to the world. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would never believe it. It’s an astounding story.

  18. Writing through tears-what beautiful words-what a beautiful pup! I just know Harley has met my Sally (Golden Retriever 17 years young) by now, and they are both healthy, happy, and good friends.

  19. All these qualities that Harley shared with you, he shared with all of us. He truly was so special and he’s free of all illness now. I miss his silly quirks and him running around in his cape. So many other wonderful memories of him will live on with all of us too. He lightened up this world with his love and God Bless you both for saving him! ❤️👍

  20. Heartwarming. Sharing your story, your great times, and the end time. What a legacy Harley leaves us with. What a mission you took on Rudi and Dan. I salute you in the name of all dogs left, injured, scared, abused, caged and un-fed or taken care of or ever loved in puppy mills, and saving one at a time or hundreds…THANK YOU!

  21. I miss you so much Harley love you to the Moon and back on beyond have lots of fun at the Rainbow Bright love you Dan and Rubi for saving Harley from that nasty place he was in love you Sandra from Sudbury Ontario Canada

  22. That was beautiful. I know it’s very hard to loose a pet. I think of my pets that I have lost and you are right, there is a hole in my heart. I also think of them as healthy again and making new friends.

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