Looking Forward, Looking Back

Looking Forward, Looking Back by Slim Dusty ….. do you know the song? It was one of Harley’s favorites.

In the picture above Fernando is looking out the door of our camper. He really can’t see well but in this case he stared silently for a long time. The song seemed to fit the mood this morning. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/p46JjmUUv98



  1. Hi – I love “Looking Forward, Looking back” I can see why it was Harley’s favorite … and I love Fernando’s photo today. xxoo


  2. found the video interesting like the song – I believe we spend more time looking back rather than forward –


  3. ..
    love it..
    love it..
    love it..

    as a grieving widow..
    my past is my warmth..

    this comforted me..

    thank you, precious angel Harley..
    ♥ ♥


  4. Such a moving and touching song.
    I had never heard it before but it brought memories of my love for Harley and Fernando. I could also relate to the pictures that could have been of my own family both present and departed. Thanks for sharing


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