Fernando’s Bath Story


Mom said “Wanna take a bath, Fernando?” and I said “Heck no!” and she said “Come on, it’ll be fun.” and I said “Heck no!”

And so, into the sink I went.

At first things went well. I stood there and got all soapy. Mom would say things like “Isn’t this great, Fernando? I’ll bet you’re lovin’ the massage…. oooooh!” and I thought “Heck no I’m not.” Then Mom grabbed her camera and I thought “What the heck?? How long’s this gonna take? Get me outta here!”

I was patient….
that is…
until the final rinse.

And then I couldn’t take it no more. I went into a rage. I do that sometimes. I was growling and biting and all crazy like.

Dad helped calm me down and he got me all dried off. I gave him a kiss. But as for Mom … HECK NO … no kisses for her. (I’ll wait til she feeds me supper)

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  1. So funny, Fernando. When I give Jasper a bath, I get one, too. He loves to shake himself off all over me. Thanks for sharing. Fernando is just too special.

  2. “Heck no” ☺

    Thank you, precious treasure FERNANDO, for the big smile..
    all the way from my heart ♥

  3. Fernando… You fell for the old it’ll be fun trick .
    Well now you know… Go pick out a hiding spot now like way under their bed or in the back of the closet.. so next time Mom trys this trick again… You run like heck….

  4. Hey Fernando I’m always so happy to see you, you always make me laugh or smile. ..my boys aren’t excited about baths either…now…give mom a kiss xo

  5. That is sucha cute story. My coco does it to me all the time. She turns in CUJO the killer dog. Bites & Growls at mommy but not at daddy….. go figure =)

  6. I Hate baths my Auntie comes over to help Mom. I get treats and Mom heats the towels for me.

  7. Fernando, give your mommy a big kiss. She did it because she wants you to smell good!

  8. Oh my gosh can you get any sweeter Fernando??? I love you so much little man❤😘

  9. Fernando new experiences can be fun – my two girls really do not like baths either

  10. Oh sweetie! You momma loves you and wants to make sure you’re all nice and clean so you can keep snuggling close and getting kisses!

  11. When Rocky saw us picking up his little sister Candy to put into the bath he would disappear. No where to be found no sir. It was like poof he just disappeared LOL. Find a good hiding place Fernando. Bet you smell good now 😎😎

  12. Hi Fernando! My dogs don’t like baths either or water in any form except to drink so they wanted me to send you their sympathies!

  13. Hee hee! I bet your mom forgives you! The question is, have you forgiven her? I hate taking baths, too. I am white so I usually try to hide behind the toilet but mom always finds me… you might try that…! Oh and another tip–roll around in something stinky as soon as possible to get your manly scent back!! — Paco

  14. Oh Fernando you would get along well with my two as well, they both say a big HECK NO to bathtime! 😂 Loveyou ❤️🐾🐾❤️🐾🐾❤️

  15. Poor mom was just making you feel better. Hope you have kissed and made up.

  16. My Taco behaves very bad during his monthly bath too. Your mom has my sympathy!

  17. Oh my what an experience. I bet you felt good after your bath though. I guess being a star has a few drawbacks like those pesky old baths.

  18. Oh Fernando, you are too much. You’re such a sweet little guy, but I have seen that ‘other’ side of you. You crack me up. I bet you have forgiven mom by now. Give her extra kisses.

  19. lol…. But I bet you smell soooooo nice after your bath! Our beagle, Molly, doesn’t like her baths either..but I use coconut shampoo and she becomes ‘The Coconut Beagle’…at least till she goes and rolls in something dreadful she finds in the yard….then shes the ‘ Stink-a-doodle’ till her next bath….. 🙂 😉

  20. You are so precious, but momma knows what is best for you, and momma always loves you

  21. Oh, what a sweet boy, mommy only wants him clean and fresh. I hope he forgives mommy and gives her hugs and kisses too. I love Fernando.

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