Harley and Shawna


“This is the only photo I have of Harley and me. It was taken 2 years ago at the Tucson Meet and Greet by his Mom Rudi. I remember I was a little shy to hold him, but his Mom and Dad were so friendly and kind. I will always treasure this memory. Harley changed me. He taught me about puppy mills. Because of him, I protest our local pet stores, pay attention to how our elected officials stand on animal welfare, started volunteering at a local shelter and of course, always adopt and don’t shop. He has made me want to be a kinder and more giving person. I love him and will forever be grateful.” -Shawna

Shawna’s message touched our hearts. We love that Harley made such an impact on her life, and we’ve since found another beautiful photo of Harley and Shawna … this is it below!






  1. You are awesome for keeping the public educated about puppy mills and thank you for volunteering at your local shelter!


  2. Shawna, do you live here in Tucson? If so I would like to join you on any of your protests. You can message me thru FB.


  3. I hate puppy mills. Harley I know you are gone now and I am sorry for that. Harley your legacy will live on forever and you will continue to teach people about how horrendously cruel puppy mills are. I pray to God that someday they will no longer exist. Thank you Harley and to all who rescued you. Thank you to your mom and dad who adopted you. I am grateful you received love and kindness before you passed. I never meant you Harley but would have loved the opportunity to be able to. I wish I had a picture of you. You were and are beautiful Harley and so loving and trusting after all you went through. Rest In Peace baby. Love you!💜✝️


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