Harley’s Dream Billboards in Denver, Colorado

harleys-dream-billboard-in-denver-jan-2017 We’re excited to announce that 2 new billboards just went up in Denver, Colorado, thanks to the sponsorship of a local supporter!

We are currently working on establishing billboards in the following cities: Orlando, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, San Diego, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Tampa, Kansas City and Houston. These cities have a particularly high concentration of pet stores that sell puppies. The billboards have the potential to educate MILLIONS of people about the cruel commercial dog breeding industry!

We DO NOT have the funds to pay for all the billboards – so we’re counting on your help. Please consider making a donation at this link. You can learn more about the “Signs from Harley” campaign here: www.harleysdream.org/signs-from-harley

Also, all profit from “Harley’s Dream Business Cards” sales go toward the billboards too! Order your cards here: www.harleysdream.org/business-cards

If you would like to see a billboard in your community, please consider creating a fundraiser (the cost varies, but it’s approximately $500-$2000 for 1 month). We can work with the sign company to get the best pricing and we’ll provide the artwork. If you have questions, please contact Dan at: info@harleysdream.org




  1. Hello #HarleysDream followers – I have made contact with a group in Winona County Minnesota – regarding the placement of a billboard in their area. They have a large amount of puppy mills (8) in their area. I will keep everyone posted – thanks for all the good works

  2. Great news. I wish I could help. I’m about two hours from Orlando and one hour from Tampa. I hope that sometime soon I will have the funds to help out.

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