National Hat Day


Today is National Hat Day so we thought we’d share the stories behind a few of Harley’s hats.  Harley really didn’t prefer to wear hats, but he was such a good sport that he always agreed to wear a hat long enough to have his photo taken!

The first hat Harley ever wore was the black hat with flowers. He wore it so that he could enter the Madhatter Contest on Spike Taylor’s facebook page … that was about five years ago and Harley won the contest!

The Mickey Mouse hat was a gift from Harley’s best buddy, Teddy. Teddy brought it back from his trip to Disneyland. Teddy surprised Harley with the hat and Harley acted like he loved it, but the truth is, it really didn’t fit all that well.

There was a time when Harley was hoping to become an honorary member of the Red Hat Society. He tried and tried to get their attention. They never really took notice so Harley finally gave up and discarded the hat (and eventually Olive found the hat and thought it was a toy, and well….. the hat no longer exists).

Be sure to see the pictures below.

Happy Hat Day, everybody!



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  1. I vote with everyone else that Harley was utterly adorable…. <3 The Red Hat society really missed the boat on making Harley an honorary member!

  2. The first pic reminds me of Eliza Doolittle in my fair lady – Harley was surely a dog of many hats

  3. I LOVE the pictures of Harley and his hats! They just melted my heart. Love that little stinker boy! 😊😊

  4. I loved that post of Harley and the stories of the hats!! Thank you for sharing with me. I miss him so much it hurts. His legacy lives on though!!! ❤️❤️

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