Fernando’s New Year’s Day


“Today started out like most others. I slept in (I always do that) and then Mom put my red sweater on me so I growled at her (I always do that) and then I gave Mom kisses because she needed them (I always do that, too) and then it was time for breakfast. Scrambled eggs, yum! Dad wanted to go for a drive in the mountains so all my sisters loaded into the truck; I got to sit in the highest car-seat, so I could see everything (even though I can’t see very good). For the next 2 hours I listened to Mom and Dad talk about the New Year (even though I can’t hear very good). They talked about Harley’s Dream and all the great plans they have to teach people about puppy mills (they always talk about that). After we got back home we ate carrots and watched Dr. Doolittle (I love that movie). Soon it will be suppertime, so I’ve gotta go.  I sure love my life! Happy New Year, everybody! Love, Fernando”

Photos by Fernando’s good friend, Kevin Goldsmith.


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  1. Oh, Fernando, you are just adorable. Happy New Year to you and the entire Taylor Pack!

  2. Fernando this will be the first of many Happy New Years!🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤

  3. So glad you had a awesome day.And you and your family also have a Happy New year love you

  4. I like how Fernando growled at mom, then gave her kisses! Such a sweet baby boy!!!

  5. I love reading your story’s they make me smile. I love you Fernando and your whole family.

  6. Fernando I enjoyed your story. I was thinking about Harley’s dream this morning. It was nice to know your mom and dad are keeping it alive. Your story bought me a lot of comfort. Happy New Year to you and all your family.

  7. Happy New Year Fernando…Make all your wishes come true this 2017 year. ♥

  8. Fernando…have you always been one of those “cranky” chihuahuas? Lol, my Taco is too but try to be nice in this new year!

  9. You look so cute in your sweater . My Herbie used to growl and then give kisses also. Thanks so much for working for Harley’s Dream. You are also a hero

  10. Your mom and dad are so wonderful and so are you sweet Fernando. It sounds like a wonderful day. Love you and your sisters. 💗

  11. So happy you now have a life filled with love, Fernando. You have the best family ever!!

  12. Fernando, you are such a cool dude! I have a little Chihuahua that I adopted from the shelter too. His name is Gizmo. When I put on his sweater, he gives me a little growl too, but then promptly kisses my hand when it’s in place. Too funny! You are doing a great job and your mom and dad and siblings are inspirations to us all to keep fighting and educating people about puppy mills. I miss Harley so much, but I know he is in a beautiful place without any pain and without any animal cruelty. Keep up the good work in 2017. We will NOT give up Harley’s dream of no more puppy mills. Tina V from Chicago.

  13. I sure enjoyed your New Years Day, Fernando. I am so happy you are living the life you deserve. You are a special little one and I send hugs and belly rubs to you! 💜😘💚

  14. Oh Fernando, you are so sweet. Glad to read about your New Year’s. You don’t know it , but you’re lucky you don’t hear so good. My Jasper is terrified of fireworks and they have been bad here the past two days. Thanks so much for sharing your special day with us.

  15. I’m so happy to see Fernando having such a wonderful, new, life…… <3 <3 <3

  16. Sweet Fernando, you are not only handsome but have a beautiful heart..love u already..❤💋👑🐕

  17. Bless your little baby dog heart, Fernando. Sounds like you had a pretty good New Years day. My little Kia, who is a rescue, always tries to ‘play’ bite me when I take her sweater off. About how old do you think you are? You’re just precious. I used to read about Harley all the time. Now, I’ll read about you! Bye bye for now.

  18. Sounds like a great way to start the New Year. Will be waiting for the next installment. Be kind to the sisters Fernando.

  19. Fernando your mom and dad are great people – they are helping use listen and see #HarleysDream so that others will know and we can shut down the mills. Happy New Year Fernando

  20. Ohhhh so happy for this little boy that we KNOW Harley sent. He couldn’t be with a better family!!!! Lots of hugs and love to the Taylor family !!! 🐶❤️🌞

  21. What a Wonderful way with words you have Little Love Button. You made me giggle. Happy New Year!

  22. You sure lucked out that the Taylor’s made a place for you in their home. They are amazing and so are you!!! Enjoy your life of freedom little guy!!! <3

  23. What a wonderful New Years Day Fernando. I sure do love your red sweater, it looks good on you. Yes, life is good for you now, you are one lucky pup to be so surrounded by love. We all love you too.

  24. Oh Fernando, I love you you’re so sweet and I’m glad you have a wonderful family and forever home now. Thank you for caring for him and loving him that is so wonderful

  25. Fernando you are darling!! I am so very happy you are enjoying life and have a family who love you!!! You always take such sweet pictures!! Handsome fella!! <3 <3

  26. I loved reading about your new year’s day! I know you are having a great life now. You are just the coolest!

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