Harley Supporter Visits a Puppy Mill

Harley, looking inside a USDA approved puppy mill.
Harley, looking inside a USDA approved puppy mill.

The following letter was written to Harley from a loyal supporter. Please read:

“Dear Harley – I did something today. I just brought home a year-old pup, Miniature Pinscher, little girl, not spayed yet. I was looking for a new friend since I lost my beloved Spunky in October. I searched at rescues, and found none close. I contacted a couple of breeders in the area for “imperfect” or retired breeding stock. I found this little girl, and she was offered to me free. I had no idea what I was in for. I went there, and in the living room was a battery of 8 cages, on top of each other, just like you described. There were two rooms, doors closed, with a lot of barking. I went by the basement door, and heard yet more barking. I bet there were at least 50 dogs in that house. I was in a puppy mill. A “nice” puppy mill, but a mill nonetheless. This little girl was a couple of weeks away from being euthanized as she has a regurgitation problem. The lady needed to have knee surgery and would not be able to feed her in her “princess chair” where she stands up to eat. She is nearly starved. She is so thin her spine is sticking up. I am so sad.. So disgusted that this is ok. She said the AKC would be visiting her soon as she had so many dollars in sales, and so many litters, they would be doing an inspection, so had to be sure the paperwork was all correct, and so she made a contract for the free sale of this little dog.

“The whole time I was thinking of what you’ve taught me Harley … the size of the cages is just as you said. Just a few inches taller and a few inches longer than the dogs in them. None are potty trained. They are all desperately calling for attention, yet get none. They may have a few minutes loose in the house but most of their time they are in those cages. The house, and Elsa, smell of disinfectant and essential oils used to cover up the smell of the urine and excrement. She is safe.”

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  1. This person is stronger than I could ever be. I’d lose it if I saw any animal living in those conditions. But she saved a life and that’s what matters. Bless her. Merry Christmas to her!!

  2. Get a real decent paying job. This is not a job and if they care about animals go volunteer or get a job where you will feel good about helping those animals. Also, the city needs to close these type of businesses and put these criminals in prison not in jail. Easy money is the work of the devil.

  3. Why doesn’t she tell a rescue where this is and have them go with animal control and take the dogs?

  4. Thank you for filling us in on what you witnessed and also for adopting your new little min-pin.

  5. I saw this earlier on facebook. Glad one got rescued. Wish they could just get rid of them completely. Adopt, Don’t Shop!

  6. So sad that so many dogs are treated so badly. Thanks for saving one more. I am sure Harley is happy

  7. it must have been very hard to act naturally in such a situation – glad you were able to rescue one little soul –

  8. I knew Harley was right! Those poor babies, where were they? In what city? Could we rescue these dogs? If people knew, maybe all could have homes.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  9. I also visited a puppy mill, my dog AndyNathan came from one in Missouri, I can just picture this whole situation..we must stop these puppy mills and save all these babies from certain deaths…

  10. Bless her for saving that little soul… The AKC is a deplorable organization .. they not only support but defend these hell holes…they are one of the biggest opponents of more regulation of or outright banning the mills.. its all about the almighty dollar to them. AKC registration no longer signifies a well bred, well cared for puppy….it just means that that pup put more money in their coffers, they don’t care about the dogs at all. Merry Christmas little one, enjoy your new life… <3

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