Fernando spends a lot of time underneath blankets … but sometimes he has to come out. This isn’t the first time he played “hippie boy” with the fringe from our throw, but this is the first time we got pictures! Fernando makes us laugh every single day. He’s such a funny guy!

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  1. what a precious treasure he is..
    a *love-bug* and
    a *smile-maker* in one sweet little bundle..

    dog bless FERNANDO ♥

    and all of us who love him
    and want to keep Harley’s Dream alive

  2. Fernando is so adorable! So glad you saved him? Harley is happy and watching over all of you and knows that you and Fernando are keeping Harley’s Dream alive!

  3. I love it how we seem to search out that special pal that may need us the most.

    The truth is…we need them even more!!

  4. Fernando is quite a character, and such a silly boy! I am so happy for him to find a loving home. Dream on and dream big! I bet Angel Harley is tickled watching Fernando entertain and bring laughter to everyone❤

  5. Thanks for always sharing pictures of your family. Fernando is ADORABLE💗🐕

  6. God bless you both for saving Fernando and loving him the way you do! You’re all lucky to have each other. ❤️

  7. You’re a special little guy Fernando! Love you! Say hello to mom and dad. Hope they received my holiday card and they liked it! Hugs and kisses to everyone!

  8. Oh Fernando, you are so darling; this is an adorable picture. Life is now good for this special little boy.

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